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Gary Coleshill, Phone Sales Guru

Gary Coleshill
As a result of working at Tom Hopkin's office setting up training's for a team, and having pretty good success at it, word got around the industry of what Gary was doing and he started to get job offers from other Sales Training companies.  That's when Gary figured that he had an "in demand" skill and decided to set up his own business from home, and hire out his services as a consultant to other companies in the same industry.
Gary's business thrives mainly on referrals and he makes a point of keeping in touch with his past clients and asking them for referrals.  He has been doing this for 20 years now and he finds that all he really needs to do is keep in touch with his contacts on a regular basis.  However, he is also getting into the use of social media marketing now and has over 6000 direct connections through LinkedIn, Facebook and the like.
What Gary does for his clients is he shows them how to generate more leads, set more appointments, and close more sales using the phone.
A suggestion from Gary is that people in business need to find an expert in their field, someone who has had success and do as they do.  Take them out for lunch, pick their brains, study them.  If you do this right, you will cut the learning curve right down, and avoid a lot of painful and expensive mistakes.
Gary has a great new online training program for sales people and entrepreneurs.  He and his friend, Pete Hudson, trainer and NLP expert, put together some "out of the box" techniques and ideas that they have developed over the years to get more business.  These are underground, very effective techniques that a lot of people don't know about, because most sales trainers don't know them and don't teach them.  This course is on May 11th at 6:00pm PT.
The URL to register is Or you can call 1-888-894-2929
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Luke Fatooros on How to Retire in 1 Year with No Money and No Risk.

Luke Fatooros

Luke Fatooros

Luke Fatooros tells how he built his business to a $12 million company with 65 staff within 5 years.  He recently created a company valued at $3.5 million , from a home office, working just 2 days a week.

Luke has over 15 years' hands on experience of building businesses in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.  His passion is teaching others to build bigger and more profitable businesses.

With an Honours Batchelor of Science Degree in Engineering, you can bet that he is meticulous about everything he does!

Would you like to know how to comfortably retire within 1 year?  You could eliminate debt, increase your revenue right now and break the 9-5 rut forever, would you be interested?

You do not have to sell, you have no overheads, you could work part or full time and you do the work ONCE and continue to get paid.

Luke explains that through using the principles of Joint Ventures to create real life, practical, proven strategies, you can comfortably retire within just 1 year!

He explains the 12 step mentoring program that was created by Robin Elliott, President of DollarMakers International and himself, a successful entrepreneur from Australia.

To receive your one week access this program for only $1, go to

Michelle Panzlaff the Tidy Tiger

Michelle Panzlaff

Michelle Panzlaff

If you are unorganized with your business, how can your marketing program be effective?

Michelle has been organizing her whole life, now, since 2008 she does it professionally.

As an organizing consultant Michelle enjoys teaching effective organizing skills, both on-site and by way of presentations. Helping others simplify is rewarding and motivating for Michelle. She is honored to be invited into, and given trust to organize the homes and offices of her clients.

Over the last couple of years Michelle has devoted thousands of hours to the research of file and desktop systems, organizing processes, meeting facilitation, de-cluttering and more. Using her skills Michelle has also presented many of her own articles on the subject and has even developed her own organizing methodologies which are listed on her website.

Michelle’s clients range from busy solo entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses and even busy moms.

Michelle’s business associations and affiliations include; Professional Organizers in Canada, Valley Women’s Network and Roaring Women to name a few. And she has associate relationships with industry related providers such as the makers of the Freedom Filer System and Paper Tiger.

Free information, articles and more can be found at

Leading Sales Catalyst – Howard Olsen

Howard Olsen

Howard Olsen


Meet North America’s Leading Sales Catalyst

Imagine a sales guru who has a gift for showing—not just telling—others how to succeed.

Imagine a true master with a talent for helping people harness the power of two simple principles: relevance and trust, to genuinely connect with customers to achieve new levels of sales excellence and success.

Imagine a sales performance expert with no gimmicks or hype, just a straight-talking professional who not only talks the talk but lives it and demonstrates it daily with everyone he meets and a personal closing ratio of 90% to prove it.

Meet Howard Olsen

Founder and President of High Output Training Systems, Howard has transformed 25 years of trail blazing international sales success into his life’s purpose as a messenger of hope and courage.  Equal parts dynamo and sales performance expert, he’s inspired and wowed audiences across the globe with engagements ranging from the keynote at NASCAR to training programs in Mongolia.

He’s a high level sales trainer, keynote speaker and sales consultant but neither title “Speaker” nor “Trainer” fully captures the essence of what Howard does.  He’s a catalyst for positive change.  Howard’s a highly intuitive communicator who genuinely cares about igniting a drive to succeed in others. You won’t catch anyone snoozing or checking their watch when Howard has the floor; his authentic enthusiasm and genuine sincerity wins over even the most reluctant audience member.

Howard’s unique approach blends a natural and intuitive communication process with iron-clad templates that anyone can learn to sell or influence and persuade without friction or pressure. His client’s all agree that the results are amazing!

People often ask Howard why he no longer pursues a highly lucrative B2B sales career.  The answer is simple: showing others how to tap their own genius is far more gratifying than simply conquering new markets.  Howard has a remarkable talent for inspiring a can-do attitude that endures long after a speaking or training program. His practical, how-to action plans and incomparable ability to impart them to others, take people beyond thinking about success to actually achieving it.

When he’s not encouraging others as a keynote speaker, sales trainer or sales consultant, Howard and his wife Michaela love unwinding on their Harleys with their dog Stanley on the back.

Richard G. Earl & The Hollis Biggs Group

Today we are interviewing Mr. Earl about his philosophies of marketing and how it works with his business.

Richard G. Earl is an automitive mechanical engineer.  He works with huge numbers of companies on innovative projects, likes to be on the leading edge of technology and is qualified in a number of disciplines.

His specialties are Social Media Business Technology and Personnel & Human Resources - Union negotiation, mediation, etc.

As the CEO & founder of The Hollis Biggs Group management consulting industry, he developed an innovative Step Change Process Tool using Social Media Technology that drives Internet Traffic to Client websites generating Leads & Enquiries.

Richard helps organizations & businesses to get from where they are now to where they need to be very quickly, thereby creating instant and sustainable competitive advantage.

He specializes in sub-contracting, consultancy and training services, in accreditation and certification to organizations & businesses on the ISO International Standards Organization's Library of Standards.

Richard also has extensive experience with Transport & Distribution Specialist groups.

You can contact Richard G. Earl here:



Podcast Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide gives an overview of the steps, and tools, used to start making podcasts. If you have additional questions or need help, just ask your questions in the PracticalPodcasting forum.

To get started, be sure you listen to the webinar recording I gave to group members telling them how to do podcasting. I have also included tips and links further down in the Quick Start Guide.

NOTE: This video was recorded as part of a presentation for the group members.

Booking a guest:

Identify people you would like to interview. You can join LinkedIn groups related to your industry or field and do keyword searches for members. You can search for company, job title, etc. Once you have found people you want to know, send them an invitation through the LinkedIn e-mail feature. LinkedIn allows you to e-mail anyone who is a member of the same group you are a part of so there is no need to know the e-mail address of these people.

Here is an example of an invitation you can write.

Guest invitation for Linked:Seattle podcast show

Dear Sam,

I noticed your profile on the Linked:Seattle group on LinkedIn, which I am a member of too, and was impressed with your knowledge and experience in the medical equipment industry. I am a guest host of the brand new Linked:Seattle podcast show and would like to extend an invitation to interview you so that other group members can hear about your business and ideas.

Here is where all the Linked:Seattle shows will be posted:

If you are interested in being a guest just let me know and I will schedule the interview. The whole process takes about 45 minutes and we can just do it over the phone. We spend the first 10 minutes or so discussing the agenda.

Michael Surkan

Conducting an interview:

Remember that the interview is all about your guest. The best host is a good listener who lets the guest do most of the talking.

  • Ask the guest how to pronounce their name and how they want to be introduced. Keep introductions to no more than 2 sentences.
  • Have a pre-interview chat for 10 to 15 minutes before starting the actual interview. Write down 3 to 5 bullets for the themes to discuss. Let your guest pick the subject.
  • Write down the web site the guest wants to have listeners go to for more information when you post the podcast.
  • Tell your guest that if they don’t feel the conversation represents themselves or their ideas that you will honor their request not to publish it.
  • At the end of the interview, and the formal good-bye, tell your guest the show is over and ask if you have their permission to publish the conversation.


You are listening to the Linked:Seattle podcast show with guest host Anna Tusman. Today I am delighted to have Sam Erickson as our guest. He is the finance director for Acme corporation and has been working in corporate finance for over 15 years. Welcome to the show Sam…

For more Linked:Seattle podcasts go to


The primary tool we use for recording podcasts is Skype along with a plug-in called MP3 Skype Recorder that records MP3 files of your conversations. Both are free.

Skype itself is free and it is free to call anyone else who has Skype. You do have to pay for calling people on normal phones but the rates are very inexpensive (e.g. 1.2 cents a minute for calling anywhere in the US and less than $3 a month for an unlimited North American calling plan.

Remember to use a USB headset to ensure good audio quality.


We only perform very minimal editing of our podcasts. Trim any conversation which occurs before or after the official interview. You don’t need to add music to your outros or intros. Just read the intro and outro text during your actual interview.

The editing tool that we are supporting is Audacity.

There are lots of YouTube videos on how to use both Audacity and MP3 Skype Recorder.


You can publish your podcasts on many web sites such as and We even publish member podcasts at If you would like to become a contributor to please contact us.