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LinkedIn Secrets – Part 6 – Make someone’s day: write a recommendation.

In this episode learn how recommendations can be a key part of building productive relationships on LinkedIn. Learn how to write short and simple recommendations that will engender feelings of goodwill from people you want to know. See how you can write recommendations for people you aren’t even connected to. Don’t ask people to connect with you, just write them a recommendation.

LinkedIn Secrets – Part 5 – Building productive relationships.

In this episode learn how to take LinkedIn connections to the next level and build successful professional relationships. Build productive friendships by reaching out and offer to help people you want to know. Learn strategies for contacting people on LinkedIn and getting them to be your friends. Connecting isn’t enough. Unless you can convert a connection into a professional relationship you won’t get any value for your career or business.

LinkedIn Secrets – Part 4 – Searching for friends

In this episode learn how to search for, and contact, people you want to know on LinkedIn. Learn how to use keywords to find people in the industries or businesses you want to know. See how to use groups to find people and look at their profile to determine if you want to know them.

LinkedIn Secrets – Part 3 – Groups are the key to networking.

In this episode learn how Groups are the essential tool for networking, and communicating, on LinkedIn. Join groups of people you want to know in order to send them messages. Learn how to find and join groups that interest you. Learn how to search for people you want to meet in groups.

LinkedIn Secrets – Part 2 – Never send connection invitations!

In this episode we talk about how there are much better ways to communicate with people on LinkedIn than sending connection requests. Learn how to successfully communicate with people you want to know on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Secrets – Part1 – Don’t be bashful

In this episode learn how to setup your LinkedIn profile. Don't be afraid to tell everything. Always upload a picture. Never leave gaps in your work history. Leaving gaps or a blank portrait will only hurt you.

Marketing intern wanted for podcast startup is looking for a marketing intern to help create collateral and build awareness for it’s completely unique vision of using podcasting as a professional networking tool. exists to help people build the professional relationships they need to succeed in their business or career through podcasting. The principal is simple: most people will jump at the chance to be interviewed for a podcast.

This marketing internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to do podcasting yourself and build fruitful professional relationships with the people you want to know to help in your own career.

Responsibilities include:
-    Developing content for, such as how-to videos and articles.
-    Interview business people and thought leaders for podcasts that are published on the site.
-    Promote the podcasts and the site through internet PR and social media.

-    Writing samples demonstrating excellent command of English.
-    Very understandable conversational English.
-    A passion for meeting new people and learning about them.
-    Must have a Facebook and LinkedIn account.

This unpaid internship will require a minimum 4 hours a week commitment for 2 months. We will provide plenty of help and advice on how to do podcasting, social media marketing, and networking in general. Location is not important. This job will be done via telecommuting. Hours are highly flexible.

If you are interested in learning more about this idea, join as a free member and watch the video on the “Quick Start Guide” in the Members Only area. If you are still interested in the idea after watching the video please e-mail

Monika Becker – Know Your Path-Realize Your Vision!

Monika Becker

Monika Becker worked for more than 12 years in sales and marketing in the horticultural industry in Europe and Northern America.  Over seven years ago Monik transitioned into the tourism industry here in BC, where she eventually led, motivated and coached a sales team of 25, and provided professional training and workshops to the group.

Due to organizational restructuring Monika lost her corporate job in the autumn of 2008.  She decided to use this new opening in her life to take additional coaching training and pursue entrepreneurship.  She subsequently participated in a self-employment program and started her own coaching business Clear Directions - Consulting and Life Coaching in 2009, where her vision is a world of conscious, peaceful and empowered people.

Monika is a published author, accomplished presenter, communication specialist and translator, fluent in English and German.

An experienced corporate and private coach, Monika is guided by her motto "Know Your Path - Realize Your Vision!"  She works with clients ready to look for answers inside themselves, and assists them with a holistic, pragmatic approach.  Her specialty lies in supporting clients in creating and implementing Life Visions, as well as Living through situations of Loss and Grief.

Regardless of the starting point, Monika's clients may expect to gain deeper awareness, create a clear vision, and receive committed assistance in moving forward in life - one step at a time.

Monika Becker

Know Your Path - Realize Your Vision!


In Praise of Failure

In this Practical Podcasting episode, Travis Brandt interviews the Practical Podcasting founder Michael Surkan to find out what brought him to do podcasting. Michael's journey has a lot of twists (including a deportation from Germany), but his willingness to stick his neck out stands out.

Failure, and how people deal with it, is one of the things that fascinates Michael the most. It the ability of people to pick themselves up from setbacks which is the most admirable. Success is easy. It's failure, and the willingness to fail, that is to be admired.

You can check out Michael's ideas for how to use podcasting to grow your business or find a job at

You can learn about Travis Brandt's Seventh Level Marketing ideas at ???

Preet Pall – Employee Trainer for Benefit Plans

What does Preet Pall do that nobody else does?  We discover this in our interview.

Preet  has worked for 4 different insurance companies for a total of 12 years (RBC Insurance, London Life, Blue Cross, The Mutual Group) and an additional 7 years as an Insurance broker.  That’s almost 20 years of experience.  Preet specializes in consulting, designing and implementing both corporate and individual insurance solutions. She prides herself on providing sound advice, innovative plans, customized designs and timely industry updates. Her dedication is excellent customer service, honesty and respect to build lifelong client relationships.


·         Since 2009 Preet has been the CEO of Global Change for Children :

·         She has been a volunteer at Coquitlam Minor hockey for the past 4 years;

·         For the past 3 years Preet has volunteered at Central City Foundation – feeding the homeless.

·         In 2007 Preet completed an exchange program to Turkey for 6 weeks through the Rotary foundation.  Promoted good will, represented Canada and did 15 presentations in Turkish to various groups.

·         Enjoys backing the world

Contact Preet: Tel: (604) 683-2400 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (604) 683-2400      end_of_the_skype_highlighting    Cell: (604) 908-3445 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (604) 908-3445      end_of_the_skype_highlighting    Fax: (604) 662-3208

·             Email:

·         Website: and

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