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How I Help You Create & Implement Systems in Your Business – Melanie Schroeder

Melanie Schroeder has 20 years of business experience in the areas of accounting, creating and implementing systems, coaching,Melanie Schroeder consulting, tax planning, business development and marketing. She managed a successful public practice as well as helped many business owners manage and grow their own businesses.  She now has her own coaching practice as a Money, Marketing and Soul Coach for women entrepreneurs, teaching them how to create businesses that practically run themselves so they can do what they love and make money!

Learn what inspired Melanie to start her own business and how she can help businesses and their owners have great systems in place, that garner success from the beginning of their business.

Believe in your vision,

Melanie Schroeder, BAccS

 Turn your passion and purpose into a systemized, profitable business. 

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How I Found the Whisper In My Heart – Maureen Edwardson

Maureen EdwardsonMaureen developed Inner Resonance Technologies over the last twenty years traveling internationally, sharing with the Russian doctors of the Medical Research Institutes in Siberia, the traditional shamans of the Republic of Altai, and healing centres in Norway and Sweden.  She also provided training over a three-year period to Tribal Schools for the Office of Indian Education Programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs, US. Govt. Maureen worked privately and also provided training for all stake holders in the educational process including children, parents, teachers, TA’s, Special Education, counsellors, administrators, bus drivers and cafeteria staff.  Most children involved became self-managed eliminating their need for Ritalin.

Maureen has also worked extensively in helping people clear the underlying painful causes to addictive substance abuse and patterns, freeing and empowering people to make new, healthier choices.

Maureen delivers her sessions individually or in groups and teaches her concepts in workshops for personal transformation or for other health practitioners – anyone really, who wants to be less of who they are not and more of who they choose!

Her Resonance Bodywork integrates her advanced techniques to empower clients to regenerate for optimal health with tools for ongoing self-care.

Bowen Island, BC 604-947-0355 and

How I Succeed Through Barter – Amber Noakes

Amber Noakes Amber Noakes has over 15 years experience in the barter industry. As a partner in First Canadian Barter Exchange, she enjoys working with small and medium sized businesses and showing them innovative ways to increase profits and reduce operating costs.

Having grown a business from the ground up, she understands the challenges that face small business owners. Her greatest joy is developing relationships with clients and seeing them reach their full potential.

Amber and her team currently offer free workshops which demonstrate how businesses can harness their untapped potential by trading their excess inventory, capacity or unfilled billable hours. By trading what they have for what they want, barter exchange members are able to access thousands of products and services, both locally and internationally, without spending cash. Her client base includes companies in a variety of sectors such as business service providers, restaurants, accommodations, product distributors, and health-care practitioners, just to name a few.

Amber is an active business networker, which includes her role as an ambassador for Entrepreneurial Success Network. She works with her husband Sukhi Kular, also a partner in First Canadian Barter Exchange. Her interests include real estate investing, reading, socializing, and (attempting) home improvements.


First Canadian Barter Exchange

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How I Started My Own Website Development Business – Tom Stachura

Tom StachuraTom Stachura came to Canada 22 years ago and started his new life as a student. Leaving Poland was a big step, but one that had been contemplated for a long time. A few years later he graduated from BCIT in Computer Systems, and later obtained the degree from the same institution and program.

Working for Hong Kong Bank, Tom participated in the development and implementation of banking systems and travelled the world from London, to New Zealand, to Lebanon and the United States. In his next position, Tom worked as a developer and later managing enterprise architect for National Data Corporation, now McKesson, and was part of the core team that brought to life the next generation pharmacy system. Just prior to starting Vanguard Image, Tom was a Technology Director for Sierra Systems where he helped build the team and plan for the largest project the company has ever undertaken.

Tom isn’t just all computer systems, websites and Internet. He used to be a devoted cyclist and hiker. He will still occasionally visit Grouse Grind. Swimming, climbing and figure skating are some other sports that he loves. Tom is also interested in music and learns to play piano.

Now with the support of his wife and a 10-year-old son, he is embarking onto the next chapter building Vanguard Image – website design and development company.


Tom Stachura

T:778-397-8887 C:604-518-4365


How I Found Answers to My Loss & Grief – Monika Becker

Monika Becker

Monika Becker moved from Germany to Vancouver almost 9 years ago. Due to organizational restructuring Monika lost her corporate job in the autumn of 2008. She decided to use this new opening in her life to take additional coaching training and pursue entrepreneurship. She then started her own business Clear Directions – Consulting and Life Coaching in 2009, where her vision is a world of conscious, peaceful and empowered people.

 As a coach Monika works with clients ready to look for answers inside themselves, and assists them with a holistic, pragmatic approach.

Monika has recently gone through a series of losses that strengthened her desire to support others in similar situations of loss, transition and new beginnings. She subsequently chose the following areas of specialty for her coaching work that allow her to share her compassion, clarity and hope with others:

  • Situations of loss and grief
  • Creation and implementation of life visions

Regardless of the starting point, Monika’s clients may expect to gain deeper awareness, learn to accept their status quo, create a clear vision from there, and receive committed assistance in moving forward in life – one step at a time.

We Make Stuff Happen – Jonathan Christian

In the new world of Social Media, giving out great information and stats is now becoming the norm if you want to gain a great following and become an influencer or “thought leader”. Hosting Meetups, Jonathan Christianfinding and sharing great articles, speaking to groups, giving free advice over the phone are all part of how I do business. I often get asked what’s the point of investing all that time when you received no income for your time.

The why is actually on two levels  - on the highest level – I really enjoy helping others, and sharing what I’ve learned gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see others succeed. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to reach out and it sure helps to have deposited in advance. But on the day-to-day work stuff, your reputation and perceived value is priceless in the world of Social Networking. A great example is Michael A. Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) who produces the Social Media Examiner. He produces outstanding articles and has once again produced an entire report  - 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report – 41 free pages of priceless research and stats that makes you realize marketing through Social Media should be one of your highest priorities – here’s a link How in the world can you produce this kind of report and not charge? Well, consider – how much time do you put into preparing for a tradeshow, or producing your latest catalogue or website? How much time do you spend on the phone or visiting potential clients hoping that what you have to offer will be a fit for what they need? Now through Social Media, that same effort can find those potential customers organically and they come to you! Now we’re talking!

The equation for ROI is vastly becoming more complex and yet we know from Michael’s report is that those who invested at least 6 hours a week (just 30 minutes a day) in Social Media showed that over 66% of users saw a significant rise in their search engine rankings and over half of them found that their Social Networking activity generated QUALIFIED leads! So people – get writing, blogging and tweeting – it’s so worth it!

Not ready yet, not sure where to even start? Then we can help. You’ve most likely heard of the (paid) workshop that I run. Over 30 local businesses are now engaged in their Social Media Marketing thanks to investing just one day to get fully set up and going. Our next workshop is coming up a week from today – we’ve changed venues to accommodate more, as the last 4 all sold out, But we’ve introduced two additional training assistants so the training ratio is even better than before. We’d love to help – feel free to call, click or email me today.Jonathan Christian

How to Publish A Book – Julie Salisbury

Julie Salisbury is the Founder of Influence Publishing, an independant publishing company based in the Cowichan Valley. Her approach to publishing is quite different, Salisbury comes from a place of being a first time author 7 years ago, and felt frustrated that the options for publishing are very restricted. This new model for publishing comes from a marketing prospective and is reader driven.

To facilitate this education, she is the Founder and Facilitator of the Spiritual authors circle and the Inspired Authors Circle and the Founder of InspireABook, a publishing workshop program which assists writers to transform their message into the platform of a book, with a simple step by step system that helps writers to identify the purpose and benefits of their book.

Julie says that anyone in business should have a book to use as their platform.  She says that writing a book is all about writing from the heart and telling your own unique story.  -But you need to be organized and focused.  Julie helps you with all of this.

To contact Julie Salisbury, go to or

How I Make Money Doing Joint Ventures! – Christine Till

Christine Till has 20+ years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality industry, senior care industry, business mentorship and direct sales.  She also has advanced education as a sciences Christine Tillteacher and in music and an honours in business management and accounting.

Over the years, she has tried to put together joint ventures on her own, but they were simply like she was a glorified commissioned salesperson for a bunch of different companies.  She realized that she is only one person and that there must be a better way.

Christine tells the story of how she and her husband, Rodger, first became involved with DollarMakers and about learning how to do joint ventures through their training program.   They actually found a free ticket in a book they found in a bookstore to an info session!

As the BC Marketing Mentress, Christine teaches businesses how to use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to maintain a presence on the internet.  She also uses podcasts to add to the marketing mix.  As Queen of Appreciation Marketing, she finds that by giving the gift of a podcast, those businesses who take advantage of being a guest on one of her shows (she has 3 shows), become her friends.  The reason is because the guests feel great about being able to talk about themselves and their own business.  She uses the medium of podcasting to build solid relationships with people that she would like to do business with and finds people who want to enter into joint ventures with her.

Christine shares the story of how she started her talent management business and how she has designed the joint ventures to work with that program. 

Now that she has had the opportunity of experiencing trying to do joint ventures on her own and actually losing money because of it, she listens to what people in the DollarMakers program,, are doing and follows them very carefully.  It is far better to learn from those who are experiencing success and do the joint ventures that are proving to make money for people. 

Christine is thankful to Robin J. Elliott and Luke Fatooros for this simple, step-by-step program that they have designed to help people have success through doing joint ventures.

To get access to the training for one week for $1, check it out.  You gain access to several of the training modules and actually try implementing them yourself.  The key is that you always have experts to go to for help, like Robin J Elliott and Luke Fatooros.

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DJ Boogie Shoes – #1 DJ Wedding Services in Vancouver

#1 DJ in Vancouver

My Wedding DJ

DJ Gary has been in the music business for over 23 years...not only as an exciting live show band performer in Las Vegas, Reno, Japan, Hawaii, Korea, Guam, Philippines and throughout the U.S. and Canada...but also as a very competent event DJ for the last 11 years in Vancouver.

After working for a number of event DJ companies in Vancouver, DJ Gary formed his own DJ service company, Boogie Shoes DJ & Karaoke Services, in 2007.  Due to the increasing demands of former and new clients looking for a flexible , fun, interactive, crowd sensitive and knowledgeable DJ who they enjoy working with, DJ Gary has continued to move forward adding extra crowd pleasing offerings to his repertoire of services.

With thousands of successful weddings and events completed and literally tens of thousands of happy clients and guests...DJ Gary has everything needed to successfully DJ your event.

To top it all off, he offers a 100% money-back guarantee + $100.00 extra, should you be dissatisfied with his services.  (He has never had anyone take him up on this, because he is sooo good!)

To contact DJ Gary:  Call 604-816-7727 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              604-816-7727      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  or Email: