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KST Telemarketing – Kat Sloan

Kat started the company to aid small-medium-sized businesses in their business growth by offering services that will ease some of theirKat Sloan Profile time and stress.  Many business owners do not have the time to make their own cold calls, maintain their database lists, etc.  In fact, many suffer from "Phone-aphobia" and would rather do anything but get on the phone.  So at KST they take on that responsibility, providing exceptional customer service for your business while creating and maintaining databases, setting appointments, designing websites, creating web videos, and much, much more.

When she was a little girl, she used to dream that she had her own business.  She would set up her bedroom like an office and pretend her stuffed animals were her customers.  Now that dream has been realized.

It was her experiences working for other people that finally gave her that final "push" to go out on her own.

Honesty and integrity are number one with Kat, especially after seeing what was happening in other businesses that she worked for, so she determined to be very tough-minded about this one and hold her standards high.

As a natural people person, Kat finds that telemarketing is a breeze for her, and she absolutely loves doing it.  Kat says that when we are deciding to go out on our own, we need to be totally passionate about what we are doing for our business, so we never tire of doing it.

She specializes in:

Appointment Setting; Database Creation; Virtual Assistant Services; B2B Cold Calling; Web Design; Website/YouTube Videos; Photography; Training Manual/ Business Guide Creation; Email Campaigns; Seminars; Phone Training/Workshops.

Contact Kat Sloan at:

Office: 604-953-1171 Ext 1

Triunity Martial Arts Studio – Mitra Castano

Mitra Castano was born in Shawrude, Iran and escaped in the late 1970's when the Islamic revolution started.  The family packed oneMitra Castano - Gloves Up suitcase between the five of them and left for Bangkok, Thialand never to see their home land ever again.

Mitra's family lived in Thialand for about four years as refugees and then moved to Canada as immigrants in the early 1980's.  Her father wanted her to change her name to a christian name, but even then, at a young age, she fought for things that were important to her and fought to keep her given name to retain her heritage.  Reflecting back Mitra said, "I guess you could say that because of my past, and having experienced many things starting from the age of 12, I became somewhat of a fighter and survivor.  I fought to adapt and to fit in with my new surroundings.  It was not an easy transition from my own culture and then to the Thia culture and then again to the Westernized way of thinking.  Yet I learned to live and cope in Canada."

Nine years ago Mitra embraced the martial arts and made it a way of life.  The positive change that it had made in her own children's lives was more than enough to convince her that this was an important investment.

When her then instructor left the school that they were originally members of, Mitra and many others left as well.  She soon realized that they needed their own place to train, and her then instructor was out of a teaching position, needed a place to teach, so Mitra offered her garage where they ended up training for many months.

Through the heat of summer and the cold of winter, kids from all over came to train at this location.  It was no frills and no belts, but just hard training and a passion to learn the martial arts.

The "Garage School" kept growing and Mitra realized that they needed a bigger space to train in.  The idea of starting a school called Triunity Martial Arts Studios was conceived and it wasn't long until all of the "garage orphans" would have a fully equipped place to train, sweat, and have fun.  They finally had a place they could call home Triunity Martial Arts Studios.

Martial Arts is in Mitra's heart and is her true passion.

Contact her at:


or 778-578-0088

Left Brain Media – Bonnie Sainsbury

Bonnie Sainsbury is the founder of Left Brain Media.  She is a speaker and author of numerous articles on the subject of social media.Bonnie Sainsbury She's researched, designed and implemented custom online and social marketing for her clients since it's inception, producing measurable results for their bottom lines.  On Twitter - she has a community of 39,000 followers, her Facebook profile has over a thousand Facebook friends, her LinkedIn - connected with 500+ businesses and she's connected with over 1500 other Google+ fanatics.

Bonnie is really a coach.  She helps businesses with their marketing programs to get more business through social media planning.  She teaches the inportance of building great relationships through online connections by example.

She is everywhere on the internet and has a great reputation for being if not "the" top social media guru, at least close to the top in the entire world.

So, is your marketing still in the 20th Century?  If so, you need to contact Bonnie, so she can help you get rid of your "Commodore 64" mentality and bring you into the 21st Century and having a blast doing it.

Bonnie makes marketing fun!

Contact her at:

Bouncing Back – Thriving in Changing times! Nicole Gruendl

Nicole Gruendl is an energetic coach who brings enthusiasm to everything she does.  She is a coach who guides her ideal clients toNicole Gruendl achieve compelling results.  An expert in creating a harmonious and peaceful workplace, she supports her clients by finding their purpose which leads to a more abundant and productive business.

Nicole has a wealth of life experiences, which involves working once as a veterinarian assistant (she loves animals!), to senior administrative support functions with a major contractor in the field of Homeland Security.  She even co-owned and operated several small businesses, including a public market restaurant and a construction/finishing company.

Nicole's broad and fascinating experience allows her to work in any business situation, creating peaceful and harmonious solutions for management and staff.

Even though Nicole first became interested in the Coaching field in 2005, she did not pursue any coaching opportunities at that time, and it wasn't until 2007 when her coaching passion presented itself via a friend who suggested she would be a great Coach.

Nicole then embarked on a journey that was absolutely life changing!  Coaching has allowed her to "find herself" and appreciate all that she sees around her.

She can now identify definite shifts in herself and others, and this allows her to support her clients to achieve their full potential.

Nicole's coaching reflects much of her own life experiences, from personal to financial.  This fully supports the connection she instantly creates with her audience and she definitely practices what she coaches!

Her enthusiasm is contagious!  She models the life she wishes for her clients:  Balanced with spiritual, creative and professional pursuits, healthy relationships, and an ever-growing faith in the universe.

Through Nicole's coaching you will be taken through the process of:

-Creating harmony through sensible solutions in the work environment

-Creating harmony to save your business money

-Creating harmony in your everyday life

-Creating harmony in your Well Being and Your Work environment

-Creating harmony and Balance in your Work environment

-Creating harmony in Your Work Space

-Creating harmonious marketing plan to bring you more clients and business

Nicole is the featured author in "Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times"!  She is very grateful for the life she has created for herself and sincerely wants to help others to create harmony and wellbeing in their work and personal lives as well.

"If you have ever thought...I can't.  If you have ever worried...I'll never.  If you have ever wondered...could i really?  When is now to get your life in gear and on track?  Drop Nicole a line to get you your own personalized "free" coaching session to find out who you really are. "



“Inspiration Has Never Been So Conatgious!” – Carolyn Cooper-McQuatt

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

It is absolutely mandatory that you dream big!  Listen for your calling.  Tap into the reason you are in business.

Take this opportunity as an entrepreneur to create freedom in your life to spend time with the people you love.

As an entrepreneur, you get to leave a legacy.  It can happen with ease as long as you have a big dream.

Carolyn is the owner of Inspired Business Development, a business development coach, trainer, and motivational speaker.  She is best known for her vibrancy, contagious positive energy, spirit for life and passion for business.  She has won national and international business awards, and champions her clients by supporting them in seeing a grander vision and then pursuing it with passion and conviction.

Carolyn's true gift is her intuition in understanding people and her natural ability to inspire people to get where they really want to be.  She acts as a mirror for what is true for her clients so they can then take action with confidence.

Contact Carolyn: email: Phone:  604-209-3086

Doing It Better! – Anne Stadnyk

In this interview, we discuss what inspired Anne Stadnyk to start her own business, how she uses key marketing strategies to market herAnne Stadnyk business, and what she recommends to others who are starting their own businesses.

As quoted in a recommendation by Donna Willon, If you want something done, want it done - better than above need to call Anne.  Anne is dedicated to give you her best.  She is very personable, goes out of her way to help you and is very reliable.  -She also returns phone calls - which puts her above many."

Anne Stadnyk graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Winnipeg.  It took a few years working for other companies as a Social Worker, HR manager, Food Service Manager and Sales Executive for Anne to finally venture out on her own.
Aiming to give her customers outstanding service, she incorporated "Say It Now", in Coquitlam, B.C., in 2004.  Say It Now puts YOUR LOGO on mugs, pens, t-shirts or 1000's of other products helping you market YOUR BRAND around the planet.

Anne is having huge success advertising via Mambo Net Communications through her Say It Now business, and offers it to her customers.
Mambo combines your email, website and streaming video into marketing campaigns that can be tracked.

Her specialties are sales,fundraising, networking, permission email marketing.

Anne's experience includes a Business Development Partner, Blenz Cares Program Coordinator, and Owner of Say It Now Inc.

Contact Anne at: Phone: 604-328-0336

Podcast Basics – Part 1 – Recording calls with Skype

In this episode we learn how to configure a Windows PC to record conversations with Skype. Topics covered include:

  • How to check to make sure Skype is configured properly to work with your USB headset
  • How to install the MP3 Skype Recorder plugin from
  • How to verify that MP3 Skype Recorder is successfully recording calls into MP3 files.

This video teaches you everything you need to know to get your Windows PC ready to record your podcast interviews.

How to Find Your Core Genius – Guvy Uppal

Guvy Uppal, also known as "Infinite G", was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  He has a background in marshall arts.Guvy Uppal

His chosen path is to maximize his own self-education.  As Jim Rohn said, "A good education will get you a job, but self-education will get you rich."  Guvy is on his own quest of self-education based on a strong desire from within to help other people find their "core genius".

Through his quest for education, he has studied from some of the great mentors and their books, such as T. Harv Ecker, Jim Rohn, Tony Robins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Cawlfield, John Miguel Reeves.  Guvy has read books like "The Healing Code, The Secret, The Mastry of Love, and many more.

The purpose of Guvy's business is to create events where people can go to get the knowledge and encouragement to venture forward in their own quests for success in their lives, be it through business or work.

One of the events that he presents if the "Cash Flow Game", from Robert Kiyosaki's book, where people can learn great skills in the way they think about business and money.  It is a fun, super-magnified approach to Monopoly.

The "Infinite G" says, "I believe that everyone has a Champion inside them and Core Genius! I WORK with them one on ONE and in groups to help unleash and maximize their full human potential!"

Visit his Facebook page or his website, .

Register for his next event and experience the group.

How I Help You Find Inner Peace – Regina Kaiser

Born and raised in Vancouver, British columbia, Regina Kaiser has always had a strong intuition.  In 1995, after a tragic loss, sheRegina Kaiser deepened awareness and realigned with purpose, meaning and spirit.  With years of meditation, spiritual, and academic studies, Regina's deep sense of knowing led her to create Veracis Meditation Inc, a non-religious, eastern and western, energy based meditation program that makes meditation accessible and easy to learn.  Regina is a spiritual and meditation teacher, speaker, author, visionary, and owner of Veracis Wellness Inc.  Her background is in natural health and healing;  she has taught men, women and children to meditate; written hundreds of spiritual articles, created meditation recordings, and been a key speaker for corporate groups, non-profit societies and schools, and retreats.

Regina built the foundation of Veracis on the values and philosophies of the meditation program, integrating energy healing into wellness spa therapies to treat the whole being - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual; ensuring teachers and practitioners are aligned with the sacred teachings.

Regina has two adult children and lives with her husband in Port Moody, BC.  Her youthful appearance reflects her dedication to nurturing spirit first and meditating, where inner peace, happiness and healthy relationships through self awareness are nourished daily.

"My passion is nurturing the human spirit through the spiritual teachings of meditation, witnessing the transformation, and evolution of spiritual consciousness.  As each of us finds our way to connecting with spirit and the self-healing processes, to build healthy relationships with ourselves and others, we become whole and contribute to healing the world."

Light, laughter & Love,


Twitter: @veraciswellness