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Keeping up with Michael

Now that I am no longer involved with Linked:Seattle I have started a new group on LinkedIn called the "Seattle Business Network".

You can find my group here:

I am looking forward to interacting with you in the new group. I will be announcing future meetups that I will put on in the new year through the SBN group.

Michael Surkan

P.S. Don't forget to check out my "LinkedIn Secrets" videos, posted in the "Members Area" of my site. They provide some very useful strategies, and step-by-step instructions, for how to take LinkedIn to the next level in building fruitful professional relationships. They are completely free, but you do have to register as a member of the site to view them.


SUBJECT: Keeping up with Michael


For all my Linked:Seattle friends who would like to keep up with what I am up to, feel free to join the “Members Area” of my Practical Podcasting web site. Here is the direct link


Not only will you get announcements about great things I am doing, you will also be able to access a lot of useful content such as my “LinkedIn Secrets” videos, sharing my unique strategies and ideas for getting the most out of LinkedIn.



Michael Surkan

Rock Your Overwhelm: Live in Clarity, Balance and Freedom – Whitney McMillan, Author

All too often people find themselves bogged down in a mire of feeling overwhelmed in their lives, whether it is in their business or personal life.  Most of the time they get locked into that spot of overwhelm and just carry on thinking that they have no control over it.

Whitney transforms overwhelm!

Whitney McMillan

Whitney McMillan

Whitney McMillan, BSW, MSW, HYLTC, RP-CRA, is a life coach, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, intuitive consultant, energy healer and writer.  During her 20 years in social work, Whitney focused on supporting people in need.  Often at the expense of her own personal and professional overwhelm.

Directly experiencing the stressful overwhelm of divorce, generational family addiction, cancer and career struggles, Whitney merges a variety of highly effective, proven coaching techniques with her natural intuitive abilities and her sassy personality, offering workshops and one-to-one sessions, individualized to meet your needs.

Living her values of curiousity, integrity, gratitude, presence and humour, Whitney passionately empowers people to get out of their own way by releasing overwhelm boulders, living with greater clarity, balance and freedom, and listening and trusting their inner wisdom.  She aims to positively awaken the world by inspiring and facilitating people to consciously create their ideal lives based on inner wisdom.

Rock Your overwhelm: Live in Clarity, Balance and Freedom is a sassy transformational book that walks you along the path to living free of overwhelm.

Yes, you can!

It's time to get out from under your rock to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones - Live Overwhelm Freedom!

Get Whitney's book here:

Whitney's website:


Just what is a WOW Event? Christine Awram – WOW Founder

Christine Awram knows how to create the "WOW" factor...and bring it to completion!

Find out what "Christine's Credo" really is!

Christina Awram

Christina Awram

As the founder of Woman Of Worth Events and WOW Wellness, Christine is a dynamic speaker, author and consultant who inspires profound change with ease and simplicity.

Diagnosed many years ago with a rare eye disease that was supposed to leave her blind, being a "medical miracle" allowed her to refine her Strategic Self-Care system for rather extraordinary results.

Christine has been frequently interviewed by the media, and has written for such magazines as Canada's Healthy Living Guide and Fresh Vancouver.

She's a true visionary, has inspired thousands to healthier and happier lives, and also believes chocolate is a vegetable as it comes from a bean!!!

Click Here for an Introduction clip
Click Here for a Self-Empowerment clip
Click Here for an Interactive clip

Contact Christine Awram:

How to focus a successful Marketing Campaign. Lia Fletcher (Kins Farm Market)

Originally from Brazil, Lia Fletcher attended university in the United States, where she studied International Trade and French.

She offers over 11 years of experience in the Marketing field focusing on strategic planning, market research, event planning, design management, media buy, sales, promotions, TV programming and media relations.

Lia Fletcher

Lia Fletcher

She has been exposed to a variety of industries such as broadcasting (with NBC), financial (with Merril Lynch), chemical (with Chemsearch), and brand management (with Ion Branding and Design).

Currently, she is on mat leave and focusing 100% of her attention to her daughter.

In May 2012 Lia will resume her Marketing Manager position at Kin's Farm Market, a chain of retail stores specializing in high quality produce in the BC and Ontario markets.

Discover some tips and tricks from Lia's Marketing saavy.  She shares all the things we need to keep in mind when establishing our marketing plans.

Lia Fletcher:  find her on LinkedIn:



How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline by Telling Stories! Mark Satterfield – Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.

Mark Satterfield is best known as the author of 7 books including the best seller, Unique

Mark Satterfield

Mark Satterfield

Sales Stories:  How To Persuade Others Through The Power of Stories, and as the Founder & CEO of Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.

Mark's point of view is that any small business owner, consultant or advisor can have a highly effective marketing system up-and-running in less than 30 days for less than $300.  His controversial belief is that most internet "gurus", and marketing experts, make attracting consistent streams of brand new clients far too difficult & complex.

Prior to founding Gentle Rain marketing, Mark held executive positions with PepsiCo and Kraft Foods in addition to having served as the Director of Career Services for the Graduate School of Business at Emory University.

Mark has a Masters Degree in Pshchology and an undergraduate degree in English from Washington University.  He is a two-time winner of the Dow Jones award for writing excellence, the AMA award for excellence in management education and has been included in Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in Higher Education, and many other biographical guides.

There are two basic principles to setting up your marketing campaign.   Mark explains in this interview.

Contact Information:

Mark Satterfield

Founder & CEO Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.



How to be Clear in Your Direction! – Monika Becker

Monika Becker is the founder and President of Clear Directions - Consulting and Life Coaching, where her vision is a world of conscious, peaceful and empowered people.

As a coach, Monika works with clients that are ready to look for answers inside themselves.  She believes in a holistic, pragmatic approach, where all aspects of human nature are addressed and respected.

Monika Becker

Monika Becker

Having gone through a series of significant losses herself, Monika felt inspired to support others in situations of grief, transition and new beginnings.  She subsequently chose the following areas of specialty for her coaching work:

- Situations of Loss and Grief

- Creation and implementation of Inspired Life Visions

Regardless of the starting point, Monika's clients may expect to gain deeper awareness for their true selves and others.  This will enable them to move from upset to peace, from confusion to clarity, from doubt to hope, from fear to love - one breath, one thought, and one step at a time.

Contact Monika:

Monika at


The CSI of Sales – Part III – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

The "I" in the CSI of Sales with Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt.

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

How many times have you put all your energy into telling a prospective client all about what you can do for them and failed to listen to what they really need and want from you?  We are given two eyes and two ears for a reason.  We need to watch and listen twice as much as we speak.  Carolyn's philosophy is to speak only 15-20% of the time during this part of your sales process.  This is the fun part!  This is where you get to "invite" your potential clients to work with you, or buy from you.

How many times have you come to this point, and failed to "ask for the order", or "invite" them to work with you, or buy your product?  We wait for them to ask us, and most of the time, they are waiting for you to ask them.  Forget all about the "closing the sale"...never do that hurts!  All you really need to do is "invite" them to be your client.  There are only two answers: 1.Yes, I would like to be your client. 2.No, not right now.  Is that so painful?

Once we get used to making the "invite", we need to consider if we really want to work with that person, or not...if it is a fit for us.  If not, then we need to be willing to just "let go".  You can do it nicely by referring them to someone in your network that you think would be a better fit for them.  It is not all about, "I need to get this sale, no matter what!"  Sometimes, if it is not a good fit for us, we could end up going through a learning curve we would have preferred not to have to face...if you get my drift!

Contact Carolyn:

The CSI of Sales – Part II – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

The "S" in the CSI of Sales.

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

This is where we step up to actually talk and ask brilliant questions and draw out what people want.  And then when we know that we can facilitate solutions, that's when the sale comes.  So, this is when you actually get to speak.

Speak only 15-20% of the time, max.  It is through this process that we discover if we can actually help them with what we have to offer.  This is the time that we draw out what people really need and want, because most of the time people really don't even know that.  We need to match and customize our business services intimately with what they want.  It is all about the benefits for them.

It is also about letting go of our own egos and being willing to let go.  So, when people tell us about their needs and wants and we can see that perhaps there is not going to be a fit here, we need to be willing to let go and pass them on to someone who can help them.  If it is not your "gig" to facilitate them, then you can recommend someone else.

Wrap your mind around the fact that your business is a really great business, and that you are worth what you ask for.  It is a commitment within yourself.  Define a clear and meaningful intention about how you want to be in service in your business.  Once you have a clear definition of who you are in your business and what you have to offer, the fear goes away.

Carolyn is on a mission to get small businesses to dream big...really big, because that is when they will have a real impact in this world.

Contact Carolyn:


The CSI of Sales – Part I – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

We have been working through Mrs. Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt's Inspired Living Business Plan.  

The first segment was The Company Model.  The second segment was Attraction marketing and we did this in two sections.  Now, this is the first section in the segment, CSI of Sales.

Carolyn explains that the "C" in the CSI of Sales stands for "Credibility, Connection & Communication".  You first must connect, then communicate and it takes time to build credibility.

All too often people make the connection and fail to communicate their needs and wants.  It is when we merely invite and listen, the world opens up to us and we find out everything that people want and how we can help them.  We need to take the words, "closing the sale" out of the equation and then we can relax with the whole selling process.

Contact Carolyn:


How to Have a Fabulous Karaoke Event! DJ Gary

The #1 Karaoke DJ in Vancouver, BC, Canada speaks about what sparked the interest in Karaoke music and putting on

DJ Gary Karaoke

DJ Gary Karaoke

these kinds of events.  He used to be a professional musician, and stopped playing music about 4 years ago.  He still enjoys singing, so Karaoke is a way to keep his hand in the music.  Once in a while it is nice to perform a song for the bride and groom or join in when He does a Karaoke event.

The styles of Karaoke music DJ Gary carries are over 134,000 English songs, with styles from the fifties, country, rock, disco, dance, hip hop, rap including newer music from Usher, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, etc.  He also has multicultural Karaoke such as Chinese (Lehome, Amie, Jay Chou, Teresa Teng); Japanese Enka...looking for more modern artists from Japan...;Latino, some French Karaoke as well... even a bit of Hawaiian.

When asked what is involved with setting up a Karaoke event, DJ Gary says it is basically just adding a lyrics monitor and a mic or 2 to his existing system.  Depending upon what you would like, it can involve adding a vocal effects unit and audio monitor as well.  He has two budget Karaoke packages that are small and don't take more than 15 minures to set up and his regular Karaoke package is also quick to set up.  The Deluxe Karaoke package of course is more involved.

As you plan your Karaoke event, have some kind of reason for it.  For example: for a larger company, have something like a "sing off" where you have departments competing against eachother with costuming and props adds to the fun.  If it is a wedding, use Karaoke to have the bride and groom kiss or to choose which table will go to the buffet after the head table, etc.

The one Key item that we absolutely must consider when booking a karaoke event with DJ Gary is, besides the size of your guest list, variety.  It will take anywhere from 6,000 to 20,000 songs for an event in order to have enough variety so that everyone who wants to take part will be able to find the song that is just right for them.  So, really consider your guests and decide how many songs you think you need.

You can contact DJ Gary at:

Phone:  604-816-7727


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