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Driving Miss Daisy – Brigitte Dunbar

Brigitte has been working with Driving Miss Daisy since its Lower Mainland launch in 2008.  she is happy to work with seniors and their families and offer an alternative service especially tailored to their needs.

Working with her community and assisting seniors, special needs and disabled persons makes Brigitte aware of local services, needs, directions and enables her to work with families.  information can be passed along, not just for their driving needs, but also suggestions on senior homes, doctors, charities, etc.

By meeting families and assisting them, Brigitte is aware of changes both physically and mentally which can occur over short periods with her clients.  having another person caring for their loved ones is a real respite for families who have multiple concerns about their family members and their abilities (of lack thereof).  having another voice and set of eyes makes it easier to help the client have their needs met.

Driving Miss Daisy takes seniors on outings, shopping, to appointments, etc.   Brigitte Dunbar helps bridge the gap for families by assuring that their senior or handicapped loved ones are cared for.

"When you need a ride, Brigitte is on your side!"

Contact Driving Miss Daisy: 604-393-3515  or or


Irreverent, Insightful and Unafraid – Antony McAleer

Tony McAleer is the founder of McAleer & Associates Wealth management.  He is different from other wealth advisers.  He thinks differently.  Tony notices what isn't there more than what is.  This leads him to ask interesting questions as he is always in search of... "Why?"

Although Tony has over 10 years experience in the financial world, his exploration of self and connection with others has led him to his greatest insights.

Irreverent, insightful, and unafraid to speak from his heart, Tony hopes to provide a different perspective and attitude about money and the world of finance.

Tony's team provides wealth management expertise to people with a particular focus on entrepreneurs and business owners.  They cover everything from investments and life insurance to employee benefits and tax planning.

His best clients come from referrals because his clients truly appreciate the sincere integrity of Antony McAleer.

You can reach Tony at:  604-325-8861 or or

The Dream Facilitator – Assunta Iannilli (CGA)

She loves numbers and also loves people, so being a CGA is a perfect career for her.  Assunta brings this passion to every project and every client.

Assunta Iannilli

Assunta Iannilli

You would think it would be a fairly simple career path to become a CGA for someone who scored highest in her high school Accounting program.  In fact, she took a circuitous route to her ultimate career destination.  Along the way, she earned a BA in Political Science, gained experience inthe banking sector, and discovered a love of travelling.  All of this adds to Assunta's value as an accountant who helps small businesses thrive.

When you book your free coffee meeting with Assunta...she always brings chocolate!!!

"Accounting has to be dealt with, but not necessarily by you.  Together, we can build your bottom line."  by Assunta Iannilli (CGA)

Contact Assunta: or call 604-299-1470


Traditional Chinese Medicine – Dr. Peter Wood

Peter acquired his Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Manitoba, giving him a solid foundation of knowledge in the area of musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation.  He completed the academic portion of the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver in December of 2006, and went on to complete the clinical portion, spending 2 months on an internship at the Anhui Hospital in Hefei, China.  In September of 2009, he became registered as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM).

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and driven to help foster the profession, Peter served as the President of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of British Columbia (

Dr. Wood is currently on the healing team based out of Qi Intergrated Health ( in Kitsilano, Vancouver.  His focus is on the treatment of Asthma, and Peter's particular interest lies in Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA).  This focus has brought him experience in treating the related conditions of Allergies and Eczema.  His business name is Wood Way Acupuncture Inc. and his website is


The Tarts Bakery – Shawna & Lisa Coan

Tarts Bakery is the first and only bakery specializing exclusively in tarts.

Shawna and Lisa started their bakery because they could not find any other tarts that could come close to the wonderful tarts that their Mother used to bake.  The pre-shaped tart crusts you can buy in most grocery stores just did not "cut the mustard".  The Tarts Bakery uses pure butter in their flaky crusts, so you benefit from the full, buttery calories with every bite!

They offer their customers a variety of both sweet and savoury tarts made with fresh, hand-chopped ingredients in their exquisite, flaky, all-butter crust.

The Tarts

The Tarts

If you're planning an event or hosting a party, give them a call and they will help you "Tart It Up"!

Plan ahead and take advantage of their "season's special" contact them at:


Business Without Limits – The Difference Engine – Anurag Gupta

Anurag is a speaker, trainer, business architect, coach, consultant and business philosopher.  He is renowned for his work in bringing together and applying the disciplines of human potential and development, sophisticated business strategy and brand development.  Over the past ten years he has worked on four continents with over 30,000 people in human development and has spent seven years developing breaktrhough approaches in organizational culture and performance.

Anurag Gupta

Anurag Gupta

His work has been groundbreaking, leading to award winning, international successes (including two Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards won by his clients).  As an example, his work has included co-designing and developing the culture and growth strategies for companies such as LuLuLemon Athletica.

His areas of expertise are developing culture, creating organizational architecture, high performance strategy, branding, marketing and sales.  These are skills that he has powerfully applied and have resulted in giving organizations exponential growth and accolades.  While able to create breadthrough results in all areas of business, his best work is done in developing full spectrum designs that produce exceptional financial performance, high integrity and productivity operations while empowering highly responsible cultures and powerful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) integration.

Contact The Difference Engine :


How to Have an Engaging Video for Your Website on a Small Budget. – Mick Lolekonda – Red Sneakers Mediaworks

After Growing up in Western Europe and Northern Africa in countries that include Belgium, England, France and Morocco, Mick Loekonda decided to pursue his undergraduate studies in the United States.  With French as his first language, it's there that he earned from the College of St. Joseph, Vermont, a double Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Computer Information Systems.

Mick Lolekonda

Mick Lolekonda

After graduating, his passion for sales, business and technology led him to work as a successful sales executive for Fortune 500 companies such as Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, Federal Express and Pitney Bowes Danka.

While Mich held these positions, he longed to be in business for himself and coach others.  So he did and went on to complete his certification as a business and personal coach.  Soon after Mick started his own business as a relationship coach and found himself wearing many hats:  he was the coach, the website design "guy" and the online marketing person.  Not because he couldn't hire the extra help, but because of his love for technology and online marketing.  That's why Mick designed his own websites, managed his online marketing and social media campaigns himself.

With rewarding experience as a relationshipo coach, Mick decided to transition into his two new ventures:  a website design and media company called Red Sneakers Mediaworks.  This company's mission is to offer stunning websites as well as engaging marketing videos that lead to more clients, business or exposure for your organization's mission.

Finally, Mick also co-launched Vancouver Style, a fashion blog showcasing Vancouver fashion, designers and street style.

Contact Mick: or

Guiding Young Adults Through Life…one step at a time. JoAnne E Ward, MA

JoAnne Ward has an in-depth understanding of how to help teens and young adults access their potential to achieve outstanding results.  JoAnne coaches and mentors youth to identify and enhance their strengths, identify feasible careers and training based on their purpose in life.  As a Professional Life Coach and educator, her expertise resides in the areas of self-discovery, job readiness, leadership, and team effectiveness.

Within the past 20 years, she has worked as a secondary school and college business instructor, as well as in private business.  She has published eleven business education books and curricula, initiated several provincial programs for the district, and organized dozens of seminars for young adults and high school students.  For 12 years, she managed two private training institutions for the worldwide corporation, cousulted for the BC Ministry of Education, and operated several successful entrepreneurial ventures.  She has been a presenter at numerous conferences in both education and business leadership.

As a teacher and facilitator, her presentations are interactive, fun, and enthusiastic.  Her energy and motivation are infectious as well as entertaining.  Many of her clients have increased their grades , become focused on their future careers and education, and learned how to prepare for life's obstacles.

She served as a director on the Quesnel Chamber of Commerce, a founding member of "Women in Business" Network group and initiated and hosted a monthly Women's Self Development Group.  Now located in North lVancouver, she is an active member in several entrepreneurial business network groups, including eWomen Network, Burnaby board of Trade, and High Output Business Network.  She is also a business instructor at the Fraser International College, at Simon Fraser University.

JoAnne has a BA degree in Economics and Commerce from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, BC Certification as a secondary school educator, and has a Masters degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia.  Her formal coach training is from Coach U Inc.  She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation.                                     

Contact Joanne at: or  at her website:


The new age of direct marketing: highly targeted social media e-mail campaigns

Social media makes it possible to breathe new life into the concept of direct marketing.  In the old world of  SPAM, marketers would send thousands (or millions) of messages blindly to people who may not be remotely interested in the products, and to e-mail addresses which may not even exist.  By contrast, social media networks allow us to identify individuals who are members of highly specific interest groups and then send direct messages via the social media network to those people.

Over the last 3 years we have fine-tuned this completely novel, and extremely effective, method of highly targeted direct marketing via social networks.  We have helped 4 companies achieve a better than 5% conversion rate to quality leads from their e-mails. Our methods of creating messages, and strategies, to engage the potential customers we send messages to greatly increases the response rates.  It also helps that we are ONLY sending messages to people who we KNOW are directly involved in the fields and industries we are targeting.

Our specialty is high value B2B products or services.  We are experts in working with, and even creating, B2B communities.  With our techniques we are able to target the right people in the industries and fields we want to sell.

This targeted social media direct mail strategy only makes sense for B2B products or services. The B2B social networks we work with do not cater to consumer interests or fan groups.  The relatively high costs of this direct marketing strategy also make this ineffective for low-priced products.  We focus on building direct mail strategies for B2B products with an annual value in excess of $5000 per customer. When your product is generating $5000 in sales for a single customer, paying $500 in marketing costs is well worth it.

Better still, this direct mailing strategy is highly measurable. You will know very quickly if it is working or not.  Our customers know within one week of starting a marketing campaign whether it is working.  If there aren’t any new sales coming directly from direct mailings you can always cancel in a heartbeat.  But if you do see increased sales, why ever stop?

Only for the Select Few

The direct marketing techniques we use work well for some businesses but will not translate well into others.  In particular, we have honed methods of reaching out to business people for high value B2B products and services.  If you have a product you wish to sell to businesses, you could be a candidate for our services.

We need to asses each potential client before working with them to determine if they are good candidates for our marketing strategies.  Amongst other things, we need to ensure that the appropriate industry or subject related social networks are available for us to target our marketing efforts on.  If you are selling marine diesel engines, we need to determine if there are social networking communities of individuals involved with shipping.  Happily, the breadth of business oriented social network communities is truly astonishing, and it is growing every day.

It is also important for us to select clients who have the ability to significantly ramp up their business to handle the business we bring them.  The costs involved in setting up one of our marketing campaigns just don’t make sense for a small business which can only handle 5 or 10 customers.

We are a boutique marketing business that only handles a small number of clients.  It is not in anyone’s interests that these innovative marketing strategies lose their efficacy from overuse.  We also need to ensure that there is no overlap between our clients to avoid pitching similar products to the same communities.

Our vetting process ensures that our customers will have a high chance of success in significantly growing their businesses.


Our social media marketing techniques are highly effective for B2B products and services and the quality of the leads we generate are significantly better than anything you can find elsewhere.  The costs of such a marketing campaign only make sense for companies with B2B products or services that are of high value.

  • $1997 for the up-front campaign startup cost.
  • $0.40 per message sent, in lots of 1000.
  • $500 for each lead that is generated.

We do not work on a commission basis.

Just e-mail us if you would like to learn more about how our social media direct marketing strategy can work for your business.

Michael Surkan

Ttinagi, Inc.

Set Yourself on Fire! Phil R. Taylor – Goal Achievers International

How to Ignite Your Dreams and Live the Life that You Love!

"When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn!" - John Wesley

Phil Taylor is a multiple-award-winning speaker, trainer, and internationally recognized authority on communications, sales, team performance, entrepreneurship, and goal achievement.

Having been a top sales performer, entrepreneur, and founder and owner of numerous businesses over a period of two decades, Phil knows and understands firsthand the various challenges and adversities that confront individuals as they pursue excellence and achieve optimal results in their given professions.

All too often we are stymied in the pursuit of our dreams and goals because we let other people or circumstances in life steal our dreams.  Phil helps you stay focused on your highest aspirations and helps you believe in yourself.  Because he has literally lived what he teaches, you feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands.

Phil Taylor is the founder of Goal Achievers International, Radio Host and Author of Set Yourself on Fire: How to Ignite Your Dreams and Live the Life that You Love!

For Phil Taylor's book:   Set Yourself on Fire.  go to

Contact Phil through his website at


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