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Who are “Leaders Without Borders?” – Doug Dickerson

Doug Dickerson is an award winning columnist, author, and leadership speaker.  With more than 25 years' experience in ministry and in business, Doug understands first-hand both the challenges and rewards facing leaders today.  Doug speaks to educators, civic groups, and professionals from all walks of life.

Doug Dickerson

Doug Dickerson

He writes a motivational leadership column that appears in various newspapers, magazines, business journals, and other media outlets each week.  He is the author of the book, "Leaders Without Borders, 9 Essentials for Everyday Leaders", published by Tremendous Life Books.  His next book, "Help Wanted: Leaders who get the Job Done", will be released this spring.

Doug is also the host of the management Moment Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio where he conducts interviews with leaders from around the country.

Doug and his family live in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina, where they enjoy time at the beach.  He and his wife, Alicia, will celebrate their 25th Anniversary this year.

You can read Doug's weekly leadership column online at



What is the NLP of the Sales World? Bart Zych – The Strategy Doctor

With an MBA in management Information Systems from York University in Toronto, ON, Canada, Bart Zych creates unique NLP-based sales communication strategies and training programs for small and medium sized organizations.  He is a Sales and Business Strategist and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner located in Vancouver, BC.

Bart has more than 12 years of consultative sales success with companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small businesses in both Canada and the US.

His mission is to change the negative perception that prospects, clients, and buyers often have of salespeople by creating sales communication strategies and training programs that result in authentic, profitable, and long-lasting business relationships.

Bart is a perpetual learner, always on the lookout for new developments in the psychology of sales, and NLP.

Among others, he has studied and applied the following sales training programs:  SPIN Selling, Win-Win Selling, Miller Heiman (Strategic Selling, and Conceptual Selling), CCS (Customer Centric Selling)

Bart is an actively contributing member on the Board of Directors for the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce.  He is also a member of the Local Review Committee for the Self Employment Program at Douglas College in Coquitlam, BC, and volunteers for the EMBERS Ventures Entrepreneur program in Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

Contact Bart:


What does it mean to be “Born Before 1977?” Holly Campbell – Holly’s Advice

With a broadcasting degree from Columbia College and a MA in non Profit Administration, Holly has managed to wear both hats off.  For the past 18 years many people know her for the successful internet radio program, "What a Woman Can Do."  In that capacity she interviewed women from all walks of life and told their inspiring stories.

Holly Campbell

Holly Campbell

Now, she is launching a new show on that addresses our new digital arena and reaches out to business leaders born before 1977, who might grapple with all of the details of marketing with a Social Media platform.

Holly's Advice 4 B2C airs daily on at 9am Central time.

Holly is divorced with three teenagers who keep her very busy.  You can only imagine what that say the least it made for a very interesting household.  -And Holly has risen above all those challenges in her life, pulled together her education, past experience, wisdom and a lot of tenacity to become the radio magnate she is today as "Holly's Advice".

If you need an answer on social media and how to balance it all with your own goals and dreams, Holly Campbell has the answer for you.



How to stop homelessness in Vancouver. – Ricky Shetty – Networking With Purpose

Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ricky Shetty has lived and worked in London, England, taught English in Tokyo, Japan, and studied at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia.  So, Ricky has worked on four continents in his life, thus far.

A multi-talented young man, Ricky has also traveled to over 40 countries and  speaks multiple languages.  He is a family man and loves his sweet wife, Anne...soon to have their first child.

Ricky was raised in Vancouver, and witnessed the life of the Downtown East Side as he passed through there regularly.  He grew up watching people on the streets and it makes him feel very sad as he observes the sad lives of the street people.  He has also experienced a certain type of homelessness in his own family through a broken home.

Networking With Purpose is all about ending homelessness by 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  They do this by donating 90% of all profits to a different charity working in the Downtown Eastside.  All their events are focused on helping the Hope in Shadows calendar vendors, especially their friend, Sid.

Their events are enhanced by various sponsors.  Each company has their own table and is invited to give a ninety second presentation about their company.  People who attend the event have a chance to visit industry leaders at the vendor tables!

The value people get from Networking With Purpose events is amazing.

Because of what he experienced in his own life through a broken home, Ricky has also started the Vancouver Men's Club, a breakfast club for men to help build strong men, strong leaders, strong husbands and strong fathers.

Rather than giving a "hand out"  Ricky is looking for mentorship from volunteers who are willing to mentor people, who are homeless, with a "hand up" to help them get off the street.

Contact: UTube: networkingwithpurpose             Facebook:  /networkingwithpurpose


Are we having fun yet? Trilby Jeeves – Buffoonery Workshops

After being the first English student to be theatrically trained in her second language for 3 years at “Le Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique” in Quebec City, Trilby Jeeves went on to perform and direct in both languages across Canada, eventually coming back to Vancouver.

Trilby Jeeves

As well as performing in up to 40 plays, Trilby worked for 20 years in the theatre, (Confederation Centre Theatre in PEI, The National Arts Centre, The Banff Centre), & film industry as a set costumer/supervisor .

Her directing debut was for the Victoria Playhouse in PEI with “Ned & Jack” by Sheldon Rosen.  Later, she directed the French Canadian premiere of “Les Monologues du Vagin” in Vancouver, two years running, “The Importance of Being Oscar”, and “The Memory of Water” for First Impressions Theatre.

Trilby has taught classes in improvisation throughout the school system in British Columbia, en Français, and is currently teaching her “Buffoonery Acting Workshop” in Canada, and has also taught in Puerto Rico & Singapore. With her partner, Peter D. Marshall, she co-trains film-acting/directing workshops.  As a writer, Trilby enjoys blogging, poetry, and playwriting.  As an actor, she has worked for the Vancouver Film School directing department, & still loves the theatre.  Currently, Trilby's Buffoonery Acting classes are part of the curriculum at VanArts (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts).

She is super passionate about helping actors break through their critical and overworked thoughts to reach the honest depths of instinctive performance.

Equally passionate is her love to help anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves, play, and let loose in life; hence, buffoonery in professional development.

“Buffoonery Teambuilding Workshops” has found its way into the business sector as companies and organizations are needing unique, active, fun, and effective activities for their Professional Development Day.  For self-development, health retreats, “Buffoonery Wellness Workshops” provides a lighter approach to re-connecting with the self.


Acting coach, Bouffon teacher, comedic & dramatic actress, bilingual (French/English) performer & teacher, Teambuilding facilitator, Social Media Coach, couch philosopher, and great jam maker!




How does a building inspector help you? Jaret Dutour – Tourent Inspections

Jaret Dutour specializes in helping First Time Home Buyers.  His specialty is helping them with the transition from renting to owning their first home.

With Jaret's work experience in the engineering industry, structural steel detailing and mechanical drafting, he brings that depth and background with him to the building inspection profession.  The steel detailing is the drafting of building plans that direct builders on how to construct structural building components.  His training and experience in drafting of mechanical systems include plumbing and heating as well.

Jaret has been educated at three schools with several certificates as well as a diploma in home inspection.  He is a member of ASTTBC as a double technical specialist including being a member of BCIPI (British Columbia Institute of Property Inspectors) and a Certified Home Inepector (CHI)(P) and is also an Associate Steel Detailer (ASD) through SDIBC.  Jaret is licensed through the Consumer Protection Agency of BC.  BPCPA License" 56933

These skills help Jaret & Tourent Inspections Inc. be an asset for any of your home inspection needs.

Jaret is personable, knowledgeable and has great integrity.  It has been a pleasure working with him on my show.

On this show, we discussed all the systems that he covers in his inspection service and some reasons why it is important to have a building inspector that you can trust.


What if you could DIY your own Website? Arik Sternberg –

Arik is an online business professional with more than 15 years experience in the marketing/advertising industry.

During the last 4 years, Arik has been a part of the core team that launched and managed the platform from its Beta stage to its current position as the most popular web-design platform in the world!

With more than 15 million users, is used by countless small business owners, creative professionals, organizations and students from all over the world that want to create & promote their professional online presence by themselves.

The main reasons for Wix's success are very simple:

1.  No need to know any code/programming or web-design.

2.  Visually stunning and media friendly.

3.  Just use an intuitive drag & drop editor.

4.  Search engine friendly.

5.  Free!!!

These days, Arik's main focus is the development of local based community & offline activities, from the creation of Meetup groups and classes, to biz development projects with the top local learning institutes, special seminars, etc... is so simple to use that even "I" can do it!!

Contact Arik through