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What is the Doggess? Laura Simonson – The PACK Wellness Company Inc

Laura Simonson is the founder of The PACK Wellness Company - a vegan nutrition and lifestyle company for dogs that is poised to make history.  Her marketing "handle" is "The Doggess", a retro-lovin' veg woman embarking on an extraordinary adventure releasing the hounds on old vegetarian beliefs with one aim - inspire all women, men and their dogs to give the 'New Veg' and peace a chance.

Laura Simonson

Laura Simonson

Laura Simonson is The Doggess -- How is The Doggess going to serve up this tall order?  With peace, love and Shanti, her veggie Border Collie by her side, she is determined to take every mind-body-spirit seeking Goddess sister and brave brother for the joy ride of their lives.
Laura gleefully survived almost three decades on the slippery, rocky road to enlightenment, healing, peace of mind and most important -- forgiveness.
She spent dozens upon dozens of late nights curled up with a good 'self-help or natural veg health' book.  She eagerly attended or taught scores of mind, body, spirit seminars across the continent.  Then she hung out and gleaned the wisdom of modern day, conscious goddesses, enlightened leaders and of course her 'Sage', Shanti.
As persistent as a Jack Russell on a chewtoy, she was determined to release herself from a ruff past and OM'd her way from 'Dogma to Doggess'.
Now the Doggess team of Shanti and Laura are unleashing their hip tips, daily dishes and Peace-Love-Dogs mantra for one and all -- through woofing, um--speaking, consulting, blogging and launching The PACK Wellness Company Inc in Vancouver, B.C.
The PACK is the first wellness and lifestyle company for dogs to offer extraordinary, vegetarian superfood choices, natural health services and patented nutritional diagnostics, without harming other animals or our planet.
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How to Find Relief from Unwanted Body hair. Jennifer Desloges – Jade Electrolysis

Although hair removal has become a common cosmetic treatment freeing women and men from the daily battle with regular face and body hair, there are some people who's quality of life, quality of relationships and happiness depend on permanent hair removal.  It may sound dramatic but it's true.  Jennifer knows, because she was one of those people.

Jennifer Desloges

Jennifer Desloges

Jennifer's Painful Story:

In 1982, after becoming pregnant with her first child, she developed a condition that caused her to grow a full male-type beard.  She walked around covering her face; cringing when she noticed people's eyes shift as they examined her chin.  She questioned her feminity; she didn't want to get close to anyone...including her husband.  Perhaps the worst of it all was Jennifer felt that "she was alone and like she was the only one."

Jennifer saw all the "experts" but it wasn't until she found Electrolysis in 1990 that she found a permanent solution.  they she found out that even though the process of electrolysis could fix her problem, it all depended on the skill and expertise of the practitioner.

It was a long battle to find the right Electrolygist (which is what inspired Jennifer to get trained and become the leading expert and trainer in Electrolysis) but today her face and much of the rest of her is hair free!

Do you have a similar problem or are you simply tired of constant shaving, painful tweezing or constant visits to the salon for waxing or laser hair removal treatments?  Electrolysis is your only choice for truly permanent hair removal and jade Electrolysis, Offering the Desloges Method of Electrolysis, will GUARANTEE it!

Special offer:  Free 30 minute assessment plus 30 minutes to try out the service for Free, as well.  Just mention that you heard about the special offer on this interview.
Contact: Phone: 1-888-224-8157  or  604-694-1332

How do you age gracefully? – Estrellita Martin-Gonzalez

With years of management experience that included marketing, human resources and operational positions in a variety of industries, Estrellita embarked on a journey of self discovery eight years ago.

Estrellita Gonzalez

Estrellita Gonzalez

this journey led her to realize that health and wellness had become important in her life and one of her highest values.  With this in mind she set out to find a way to intergrate this commitment into her professional life.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in 2011, Estrellita began working with Raja Medical, an American manufacturer and distributor of aesthetic devices.  What initially started as a marketing role later developed into a regional sales function overseeing the Canadian and Mexican markets.  In addition to sales, Estrellita has also recently opened Derma Bright Clinic, a skincare clinic located on Vancouver's west side which serves as both a demonstration facitity for Raga's devices as well as provides leading edge face and face-only skincare services using only natural and organic products.

Her involvement in the beauty business has also alerted her to the dangers we as consumers are exposed to every day via the personal care products we use.  These products are often full of dangerous chemicals and additives.  Given that our skin is our largest organ and easily absorbs anything that is applied to it, she is compelled to help people be more aware of what they are using, to ask more questions and to become more selective in how they spend their money when it comes to health and beauty products.

Estrellita's newest ventures correlate with her passion and commitment to health as well as her other passion, which is to help people with their own journey to wellness.  It's what led her to get involved with Monavie, one or the world's premier distributors of leading edge nutritional products.  This together with her sales role and clinic, are all designed to offer health, wellness and anti-aging solutions, thus aligning her with something truly meaningful.

Estrellita lives in Vancouver and when not working on her business, enjoys spending time with her son, as well as travelling, yoga, being active, reading and learning!

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What is Commercial Gardening? Lori Karpman – CEO of Lori Karpman & Associates

How do you have a successful business?  How do you know if your branding and marketing will work?

Lori Karpman

Lori Karpman

Listen to Lori Karpman to find out how you can have your business be successful!

Lori Karpman is a seasoned and award winning management consultant and attorney with over 25 years of real world experience.

After 7 years of private practice, she became the Director of Legal Affairs in HR, for the master franchisee for Quebec of Pizza Hut.

She later co-founded the wildly successful Zyng Noodlery franchise and won eight prestigious awards for her marketing/branding work including the pinnacle "Outstanding Overall Corporate Image" for Zyng's entire marketing and branding strategy (awarded by the Ontario Advertising Association in connection with the Canadian Franchise Association).

After only five years in operation, the Zyng franchise system was sold to a US restaurant development group and Lori moved on to found her own firm.

Since 2002, Lori Karpman has worked with some of Canaga's franchised largest brands such as Petro Canada, CDL Labs and Tim Horton's, but Lori has a penchant for emerging brands, franchised or not, that need a variety of services requiring a more holistic approach to brand development and where long term relationships can be built.

Lori has successfully imported brands to Quebec such as Trade Secrets, Liquid Capital and Chatters Beauty Supplies, to name a few, and was instrumental in creating the Quebec management team for Boston Pizza.

Lori has imported concepts to Canada from the US, UK and Australia and exported Canadian brands to the US and Middle East.

A true entrepreneur, Lori is always involved in several different ventures and her work included, financing to fund a project, factoring (purchas of account receivables) to fund cash flow, professional business coaching, and general business development/legal mandates, to name a few.

Why people fail:  They tend to keep looking at the horizon as if they are still in the dock.

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Who is “The Voice”? Earl Thomas

Earl thomas - Professional and diligent media "Voice-Over artist!
Earl is a graduate of BCIT's Broadcast Communications Program.  He has been "The Voice" for 12 years.
Earl is THE VOICE that introduces various local entertainers, The Grandview Steelers of the PIJHL and in August of 2011 for the Vancouver Canadians.

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas

He has been The Voice behind the Men's and Women's Basketball and Baseball at Douglas College.

Earl is also a professional speaker.
Some of the recorded voice he has done is for Teligence, for their Customer Survey for IML, Sample Greeting for Tango Personals for Canada/USA, E-seminar voicing for Pay Per Call credit card training.
The Voice provides increased profit margins for his clients via: website video voicing, YouTube PR Videos, Entertainment Introductions, Radio Commercials, Customer Surveys, and Animation Voicing.  View his experience and multiple recommendations on LinkedIn.
Earl Thomas looks forward to creating voice excellence for your exact needs.
Contact: Phone:  604-432-6856

Who is the Pyjama Coach? Patty K – Success Buddies

Patty K is on a mission to help and support home-based business owners.  Especially those who (like her) are a bit on the shy side.  She offers highly interactive hands-on workshops on subjects like:

-Finding your "right people" (ideal clients)

-Developing products, programs and packages for your services

-Communicating what you do (and for whom)

Patty also leads small business masterminds: groups of 8 people who meet weekly to provide feedback, support and accountability to each other.  They brainstorm ideas, cheer each other on,

Patty K

Patty K

commiserate with (and solve) problems, set goals and keep each other on track to achieve them!

About patty personally:  Irrepressible idea generator.  Life long learner.  Gemini.  Introvert (INTP). Toastmaster. Pescetarian. Former sailor. Fashion challenged.

Aside from 3 short-lived "real" jobs, Patty has been in business for herself ever since she cornered the babysitting market on Elmhurst Street when she was 12.

Fan of change...her businesses have ranged from video store to real estate to freelance computer programming to teaching and training to "flipping" mobile homes.  (As in buying, fixing, and re-selling...not over-turning.)

In 2008, she sold everything she owned and took a 2 year mini-retirement.  She bought a sailboat with her partner and travelled 1,000 miles down the Mexican Gaja (after only 3 days of sailing lessons.)  No one died!

Join Patty as she shares her "why" the pyjamas.

Great story and great laughs!

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How to “GetThrival” with your business! Carol Carter – GetThrival! Training & Consulting

Carol Carter transforms teams and leaders into a highly effective, productive, happy and thriving community their customers rave about.  She provides team and leadership workshops for TODAY's

Carol Carter

Carol Carter

workplace challenges.

Carol tackles the really hard hitting soft skills of leadership, communication and self-management, so managers can stop spending 60-80% of their day dealing with "people problems" and waste hours in meetings that aren't productive.  Carol helps companies get off of that hamster wheel of survival and actually THRIVE.

Her company is GetThrival! Training and Consulting.  Carol has helped companies in many different industries, including manufacturing, 3rd party logistics, IT and home care services.

Even the most resistant and stubborn participants are transformed and leave Carol's workshops energized, engaged and ready to take action to improve credibility and make working relationships work with the skills they have just learned and practiced.

Carol has a leadership workbook coming out later this Spring called "Leadership Skills That Work for TODAY's Workplaces" and she is busy working to finish her official book for ALL workers and leaders titled "Hands Off My Stapler!  Why Your Coworkers are Crazy and What You Can Do About It".

Contact: GetThrival! Training & Consulting  - Phone: 778-668-8805


How do Internet Technology and Finance compliment eachother? Sanj Sukerkar – Genesys Designs

With a degree in electronics engineering technology and special interest in Finance, Sanj has spent many years in the Internet Technology industry as an entrepreneur and a consultant.  He has also been a commercial lender.

When he was taken by an overwhelming keenness to Finance, he spent more than five years in the field as a commercial lender.

Sanj Sukerkar

Sanj Sukerkar

In 2009, after a long interlude in the finance sector, Sanj returned to I.T.

Today, he spends most of his days consulting local business people about enhancing their companies' web presence online.

When he is not working, which is seldom, he is spending time with his family or photographing the beautiful landscapes in the lower mainland.

I met Sanj Sukerkar at a Marketing Dangerously event in Langley, British Columbia.  It wasn't long before I discovered what an extensive background he has both in Finance and in Internet Technology.  With his broad background in his favour, he has assembled a full service business for website development and Search Engine Optimization.

Sanj specializes with small business owners to help them enhance their web presence online.

Contact: Facebook: Phone: 604-484-8242



Sensorial Skin and Hair Care. – Nancy Mudford – SpaBoutique

Nancy Mudford

Nancy Mudford is an extraordinary person, who had the courage to leave a comfortable career in order to go after her dreams of running her own business.
She enjoys the personal freedom to strategize and quickly implement her ideas, and is continually prioritizing and planning the timing of launching her new ideas.  Being an entrepreneur is at the core of her being and it has been an interesting journey to discover new talents and interests.

Nancy has a deep desire to help others with their skincare.  This has been instilled in her since her childhood, with her own Mother as a great example to her in teaching Nancy all about the importance of good skincare.  You can tell by her picture here that she is the perfect example of a life of great skincare.

Le Petit Spa is a lifelong dream come true for Nancy Mudford.  Living in Montreal before moving to British columbia, in 1990, Nancy brings her insight, energy and creativity to Kitsilano/Point Grey's French-inspired day spa.  Relax and rejuvenate in beautiful, tranquil surroundings.  Le Petit Spa delivers an intimate, personal and beneficial experience for customers in need of pampering or just regular maintenance.

Spa Boutique is a Canadian online beauty retailer focusing on skincare, hair and makeup, carrying top-quality product lines such as Dermalogica, Eminence, YonKa, Guinot, Phytomer, Jane Iredale and more.

Through her online website, you have access to not only purchase the top quality products, but can ask questions and always get a live person to help you.

At her spa in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can relax while receiving a facial, receive personal skin analysis in order to know the products that are best for your skin, and leave with your make-up re-applied afterwards (if you are a woman).

Nancy Mudford's  company caters to Canadian ONLY customers.

Listen to the end of this podcast to receive the special offer, especially for you!!

Contact:     or   Phone:  1-877-224-4315     Email:     3630-W. 4th Ave., Vancouver (Alma & W. 4th in Kitsilano)