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What you need to do to be a healthy you. Danielle Bryck – Usana Health Sciences

Danielle's story begins 18 years ago when she was about 14 years old.  She started getting headaches and stomach aches so she would go to the doctor and the doctor would prescribe whatever he/she

Danielle Bryck

Danielle Bryck

thought would help.  Danielle was tested for ulcers a number of times but the tests always came back negative and so Danielle was left with no answers.  As the years went by, her health problems changed.  she started getting anxiety attacks and feeling sick more often than not.  Again she went to the doctors and this time they had an answer.  She was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and put on anti-depressants.  For the next few yesrs, Danielle was on and off of anti-depressants, trying to find a way to cope in between but never truly feeling better.

Her anxiety grew more intense and she started developing depression and insomnia.  Finally her anxiety got so bad that she was diagnosed with ADHD.  At this point she decided to find a family doctor that would work with her to solve her problems.  Danielle found one and started to see him once a week.  At this point she was told that she had been misdiagnosed and that what she was really dealing with was Bipolar disorder.  She was desperate to find a way to feel better because she felt that she had lost control of her emotions and her life, and would have done anything he told her to do.

They tried different anti-depressants but like all medications, they have side-effects so she was given medication to deal with that.  Then she had medication to help her sleep and medication to help her stay awake.  Her friends would ask her what was wrong with her and she had no answer.  Danielle was numb.

One day she decided that she didn't feel any better than she had in the first place, so went off all the medication and once again tried to cope on her own.  This time she started looking for answers in different places.  She was told that vitamins might help so she went out and got some but this did not seem to be the answer.  After lots of research she was connected with a friend of a friend of hers that works with the company, she now represents.  Danielle started talking with this lady about supplementation and why most vitamins on the market don't work.  She was told that vitamins are not regulated very well and that they can contain harmful substances that are not on the label because the companies are not required to test their raw products, and that most vitamins don't even dissolve in your system.

Danielle decided to try the product and within weeks she started to feel different, more balanced.  She has been taking the products for about a year and a half now and feels great.  Danielle no longer takes any prescription drugs and doesn't feel the need to.  She is happy and grateful that after 16 years, she was able to find a natural remedy to her problem.

The company is Usana Health Sciences.

Danielle decided to get involved in the company after learning about the concept of network marketing and how it works.  Her goal is to be able to stay home with her children so that she can be there for all of the important and unimportant moments in their lives.  Working from home is not something she thought she would ever do, but since she has found something she is so passionate about, she wants to spread what she has learned about mental health and help people so that they don't have to go through what she went through.

Contact Danielle:

Phone: 604-376-9453

Who is the Process Engineer turned MBA? Mark Wright – Rapid Time Networks

Mark Wright is a keen athlete, a Research Chemist and Process engineer turned MBA and ex KPMG consultant.  Qualified from some of Europe's top schools.

Mark Wright

Mark Wright

Mark has 20 years of successful senior management and entrepreneurial ownership experience in a variety of industries in and around the direct sales and marketing industry.

Those experiences combine to make mark accomplished in every facet of business from production and manufacturing through logistics and supply chain management; financial modeling and analysis; Marketing and brand development, IT and Systems integration and implementation.

Mark is a relative late comer to Social Media, however, within 18 months he has a reach approaching 1/4 million on Twitter with 5 Twitter accounts in the top 50 in Vancouver 60k+ personal followers and has had campaigns go viral.

He does lots of stuff pretty darn well and has pulled experiences from many disciplines in many industries, which gives Mark a very unique vantage point to cut through the usual nonsense that surrounds most business challenges today.

Today we discuss Mark's involvement with Rapid Time Networks.  He shares details of how to get involved and how their system plays out to benefit all those who become members.

Connect with Rapid Time Networks at: Call Mark at 604-219-3610


How do you prepare for your Aging Years? Joyce MacKenzie – The Aging Planner

Joyce Mackenzie, a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Nursing, with expertise in maternity, child and senior's health has worked with many individuals and families who have had various challenges with

The Aging Planner

Joyce MacKenzie

issues of sickness, pain, transitions, loss and grief.  Many of these individuals have also been an inspiration to Joyce for their courage, determination and commitment to survive and embrace life to its fullest following such ordeals.  These experiences were especially key to helping Joyce transcend her own losses.

Days and Waves Productions, is aptly named after the Joyce MacKenzie's twin boys names.  The essence of Days and Waves is to offer support and tools to individuals and groups to manage their immense pain and transcend their losses.

Joyce's newest creation is "The Aging Planner" is geared to assist and support the aging population; their families, spouses or friends make the right decisions at the right time for age related issues that reduce the ability to function autonomously.  These may range from health, social, financial, emotional and spiritual areas in one's life.  There are numerous approaches that can be explored for solving and making difficult life choices.  Joyce works with you, to figure out where to start, what to ask and how to find help and solutions that are right for you.

Connect with Joyce:  www. or   604-418-1282   or Twitter: @joycemac7

What is in Dog Food? Laura Simonson – The Doggess

Laura Simonson was on my show a few weeks ago, and during that conversation, I became curious about some of the research that Laura has completed regarding, "What is in dog food?".

The Doggess

The Doggess

So, I asked Laura to Come on my show again to help explain the truth about what is in dog food and what caused her to look more deeply into the actual ingredients of dog food.

Laura is also known as the Doggess.  She unleashes daily tips and dishes with her Peace-Love-Dogs mantra for one and all...through woofing, um...speaking, cousulting, blogging and launching The PACK Wellness Company Inc in Vancouver, BC.

The PACK is the first wellness and lifestyle company for dogs to offer extraordinary, vegetarian superfood choices, natural health services and patented nutritional diagnostics, without harming other animals or our planet.

Now, that is a huge task that Laura has taken on!

Let's find out "the rest of her story"!

Contact Laura, The Doggess at: and

What does Dr. Love do? Bobby O’Neal

It is an honour to have worked with Dr. Love as my guest!

Dr. Love

Dr. Love

Dr. love is a natural expert on love and relationships and the creator of the successful love relationship game called Syncrohearts.  He was inspired to create this game to help enhance his own marriage and now his "love game" is adding lots of love, laughter, great communication and more romance for couples around the world.  during the development of Syncrohearts, a life changing transformation took place for the forestry guy.  As he came out of the woods, his heart opened, he bgecame a romantic loving man and he was awarded with the honorary title of Dr. Love.

Dr. Love shares his story with the hope of inspiring a global brotherhood of romantic loving men.  He is an international speaker and author on the topic of love and relationships.  He has been featured in national print, radio and television media.  He twice earned the opportunity to try and slay the "Dragons" with love on the CBC Dragons Den, a reality TV program in Canada.  He recently won the 2011 Best Idea for Humanity Contest.  His love mission supports a very worthwhile charity, the Zajac Ranch for kids with special needs.

Get his Game of Syncrohearts and book, "Dr. Love's Perscription for a Romantic Loving Man: It's Not the Little Blue Pill!",  here:

Have YOU been thinking of Suicide? Sandra Leigh Savage

When her husband committed suicide in 1997, it completely changed her life.

Sandra Leigh Savage

Sandra Leigh Savage

As she was sent into a "tail-spin" and her own life went "topsy-turvy", she started writing her journey through surviving suicide and how she survived her husband's suicide.  Her writing has helped her to mourn her late husband's death through poetry and novels.

It was very difficult for Sandra to choose life, as she was suddenly a single Mom with two small children.  Who would they be if both parents left them?

How many lives does one life change through suicide?

It is not just those immediately connected to them through family, but all those lives that person has touched since their birth into this world.  Each life has eternal value.  We are all here for a purpose.  We each need to fulfill that purpose for our own lives.  Committing suicide is a "cop-out"; it is the way out of having to deal with the "hard stuff" in life that we each must face head-on.  Are you going to be that "chicken"?  Are you going to "fail the test"?  Because life, after all is a testing ground for all of us.  It is not meant to be easy for us.  We are here to prove ourselves.  Although we may think that many people have it so much better than we do, they have their own trials to deal with that may not be apparent to the rest of the world.

Sandra's life changed forever after she found her husband, dead!  His impact on the lives of all those he left behind could and would have been much more full and happy.  Can you imagine how he must feel, now that he is in the next life, continually wanting to say, "I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" for the rest of eternity?!

So many people commit suicide, thinking to themselves that's the only answer they have to their problems in their immediate situation.  Sandra wants to change that.  Her deep desire is to save lives, one life at a time.

Sandra is now recognized for her talent as a freelance writer and has started a series of books called, "Together Forever".  The first in the series is "Love Letters".  The next one is "Calen's Calling".

It is Sardra's dream to have her writing reflected through a movie.

"My Life With Suicide" will be available the end of August.

To pre-order her book: Order your copy today!

Connect on Facebook: /SandraLeighSavage


How To Protect Yourself. Jack A. Bass B.A. LL.B

Jack Q. Bass is one of Canada's foremost economists and  he forecasts the dramatic rise in the price of gold and the fall in natural gas prices.

Jack A. Bass

Jack A. Bass

Now he is forecasting an astounding rise in the stock market even as he warns of the fallout from Obama Economics.  "Obama Economics threaten all markets as the influence of runaway printing presses will turn on its creators - The White House and Wall Street - and then on the folks on Main Street.  We can only rely on ourselves to prepare for the turns in economic cycles."

It is up to us as individuals to educate ourselves and whatever we can to protect ourselves.  So, how can we do this?

Jack's education includes degrees in Economics and Law.  He has completed (graduating at the top of his class) the securities course as part of a large American retail broker.  His public service work includes the roles as government advisor to Native Indian bands as well as being the administrator to one of the largest First Nations in British Columbia, Canada.  He has also served as the Executive Director for non-profits seeking to develop downtown business/retail cores and for community organizations lending to high-risk business start-ups.

Jack's books published by Collier Macmillan include:

"How To Make Real Money In Real Estate" and "How You Send Your Money Out To Work".

As part of his stock market analysis, he has also written "The Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio" (an e-book) and "Stock market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio (print) - both are available now from

Jack is available for speaking engagements.  The following are just a few of the topics in his repertoire.

"Obamanomics....How To Protect Yourself"

"Which Way Forward For the Economy And Stock Market?"

"Are We Facing Depression And Runaway Inflation?"

"Following In The Footsteps Of Warren Buffett"

"Gold and Precious Metals - Where To Invest Now?"

For availability and bookings, email:

Call Jack direct at:  604-858-3202

His website is:

What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask! Dr. Manon Bolliger – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Manon promotes patient consciousness in the healing process.

DR. Manon Bolliger

DR. Manon Bolliger

Her Book Launch Party is June 21st at 3335 - W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC.  Dr. Manon will be doing book signing at that time, as well as opening her new location for her practice.  Please RSVP!

Manon is the author of "What patients Don't Say if Doctors Don't Ask - the Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship".  She is also a radio host of the program called "Synergy Dialogues in health, in collaboration with The Difference".  Manon is the director of the Cornerstone Centre for Advanced Medicine, that promotes patient consciousness in the healing process and founder of Bowen College.

When does she sleep!?

During the past 21 years, Manon has treated thousands of patients from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to corporate stressed out CEOs in Toronto, to Tri-Athletes in BC.  This diversified experience, not only in the range of required skills in health care and in pain relief, but also the differing mindsets that people have towards their bodies, has really helped Manon hone down the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and being able to truly listen and respond from the place where people are coming from.

Dr. Bolliger has expanded her current practice and Associated to Cornerstone Centre for Advanced Medicine that promotes patient consciousness in the healing process.  They have programs for patients that include pain relief, aging with grace (anti-aging) and holistic and preventative family health care.

Her passion for healing from the inside out has led her to specialize in homeopathy and the Bowen Technique.  Throughout Manon's personal and academic journey, she was led by her desire to understand what makes people change, grow, heal and celebrate life.  She currently lives in Vancouver, BC, having established a successful following from her earlier practice in rural Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Manon helps each patient understand how their unique healing process occurs and the part they have to play in it.  This goes beyond a cure for any single symptom.   Her goal is to help her patients discover that health is freedom not only on a physical level, but on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

Dr. Bolliger begins with determining with you, what the problem IS.  Your reality is what is important to you and to her.  If an ailment is psychosomatic or somato-psychic, the result is the manifestation of what IS, and what IS, is what brings you to seek advice.

If pain is the symptom, they begin there, with the full understanding that the process of healing that pain is as unique as the individual who wants to heal.  If the initial problem, for example, is a frozen shoulder, that is where we go first.  If the frozen shoulder proves to be the physical representation of the responsibility you have shouldered, we are looking at an emotional mismanagement.  If "frozen" is the issue, we are looking at a mental misalighment: what is keeping you there; what are the unquestioned thoughts that reflect as holding patterns?

With profound healing, it is as though the patient's history replays itself, so that what has not previously been completely healed comes up to the surface for healing.  This takes place on not just the physical level, but emotionally and mentally.  If there is one thing people take away from the healing process, it is that we are a whole being whose parts cannot be separated.

With an emphasis on prevention and on removing obstacles to cure, we help you achieve a sustainable health attitude.  By addressing the true cause of the dis-ease, and by returning one's healing abilities, you can be more selective in the choice of what supplements are actually health sustaining and which ones can be removed once your own vitality is back in full force.

To learn about and order Dr. Manon's book: What patients Don't Say if Doctors Don't Ask, visit Or Or  Book an appointment at

Phone for an appointment: 604-732-6222

Do You Have Unwanted Hair? Jennifer Desloges – Jade

After years of suffering with unwanted facial hair, Jennifer Desloges found her solution through electrolysis.  She had tried all the other resources available, like waxing, shaving, and laser, but the hair would still come back.  With electrolysis, she found that the success of this application depended on the expertise, or skill of the electrologist.

Jennifer Desloges

Jennifer Desloges

Through her quest for her own solution and relief from long suffering, she decided to take the training herself and to train others with the techniques she had learned.

Jennifer had a thriving school for training electrologists in Edmonton, Alberta at the time she received the call that her Mother in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada needed Jennifer's help.  Jennifer's Mom was suffering the effects of aging, and was becoming unable to look after herself properly.  So, Jennifer and her family left Edmonton to move out to live on the water in North Vancouver.

They had just settled down in their new surroundings, when her husband decided to purchase a franchise and start a business of his own.  Jennifer and her husband decided to travel to attend a big franchising event to get some insights for running their new business.  It was at this event that Jennifer Desloges met Bob, an expert on franchise start-ups.

After a lengthy chat with Bob, Jennifer decided to bring him up here from Arizona to help guide her through all the steps of setting up her company to be able to sell franchises.  It only took Jennifer nine months to complete all the work that was necessary to launch her franchise business, Jade.

Jennifer has worked very hard getting her company ready for the next step, and she now has four corporately owned locations and three franchised locations.  Head office does all the marketing to help the franchisees, and they receive the specialized training for their electrologists directly from Jennifer.

Jade is the only electrolysis company in the world that offers a 100% money-back guarantee!  Jennifer says they can do this, because her technique works!  When her clients commit to the full year of treatments and make all the visits to get their work done, they will be free of their unwanted hair in 1 year.  It takes commitment on both sides to complete all the treatments.

Yes, there is some discomfort during the process, but Jennifer has ways to help alleviate that.  Many of her patients fall asleep during treatments.

There is a special offer attached to this podcast.  When you contact Jennifer, just say you listened to this podcast with Christine Till, and you will receive not only a FREE consultation, but also a FREE 1/2 hour of actual electrolysis treatment, to try it out.

Set your appointment now at:   or   call: 604-694-1332

If you are looking for a business opportunity to invest in, let Jennifer know Christine Till sent you.

Why Do I Need A Marketing Plan? Jim Campbell – In-The-Flow-Marketing

A few years ago, jim Campbell came to his personal realization that the reasons we're here are:

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell

a) To be happy.

b) To be without suffering.

c) To Help eachother.

My career has always involved computers and technology, starting out as a technician, a technical specialist, then moving over to management, account executive and other non-technical roles.

In 1996, I went to work for Compaq Computer.  For Compaq I worked mostly on sales teams supporting customers who purchased large volumes of our products which is when some transformation (for me) began.

Though it had been around for a while by then, it was near this time that the Internet was just beginning to mature into something of true value. I noticed that some of our customers were far ahead of others in terms of executing real business over the Internet which provided a strong view as to what was possible and going to occur in the future.

Another subject that fully captured my attention while at Compaq was how to create outstanding marketing.  Looking back I realize that Compaq (then) and Apple were quite similar in terms of understanding how best to speakto its customer base.  Marketing remains one of my favorite things in the world.

Fast forward to 2008, having been laid off twice within a period of four years I decided to start a network marketing business.  I very much liked the products and the company I joined but the business model had a serious flaw.  The products were 7-8 times more expensive than their worth.  Potential customers felt that too which made it very tough to sell.

Even though I had that concern with that business model, I stayed with it for almost two years because I was learning so much.  I learned much about marketing tactics over the Internet but also about entrepreneurship.  I'dbeen an employee for all of my career and had a lot to learn about operating a business and developing the mindset of a business owner.

In the Summer of 2010, during a seminal time for me, I began thinking about taking my experiences and the many things I'd learned to the more conventional business community.  After a number of months verifying that a need existed for a good "online marketing for companies" agency, I made the decision to go forward with the business idea.  In November, 2010, In-The-Flow Marketing acquired its first customer, 9026-Eyes, who remains our client and will forever be so...

You can contact Jim at:

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