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What does it mean to “Dance With Fire?” Author – Denene Derksen

Whether in the role of teacher, therapist, mom, or shamanic practitioner, Denene has always been interested in and passionate about self  awareness and expression, personal growth, and evolution.

This novel, through story, has brought some of those themes together in a fun way, and she hopes that it opens some doors for her readers.

Denene believes that we can be much more joyful, hopeful and balanced with our planet if we take some empowered steps on our personal paths.  No matter what modality we choose to work with, it is still up to us to make the choice, or series of new choices.

The evolution of the planet does begin in our own backyards, and there is still room for fun, sex, family and community.

The title “dancing with fire” can also represent our joyful relationship with life itself, and our ability to dance with the magic and mystery of our personal journey in this lifetime.  So, the novel can be read for fun, or can be an invitation to shift some of our beliefs about reality and do some personal transformation work.

Denene also offers one on one shamanic healing, tarot readings, courses and speaks about shamanic tools and their application in real life.

Denene's Mission:

I actually wrote the novel for fun, and now I get to keep unwrapping it and finding more and more within it that people can benefit from.  I am also creating wisdom cards and a self awareness journal based on themes/characters in the novel.  There will be a workshop as well, incorporating practical shamanic tools and perspectives into real life.

I wrote “Dancing with Fire” in one month, as part of the “Nanowrimo” online challenge.  My book has undergone changes and much editing since then, but the essential story was laid out for me fairly quickly and clearly.  I just had to try to capture it well.

My marketing style is a bit random, as I am just getting used to the idea of getting a message out into the world.  I think Iʼd rather the world just found me!  One technique Iadapted early on was to “Just say Yes”.  When opportunities to promote my book come up, such as this interview, I am making an effort to say '"Yes" and trust that I can pull it off, find the time, afford it, etc.  This has worked well so far, and taken me to some interesting places I might not have found for myself.  I realize the world of social media marketing is waiting for me to catch up and begin to work with it.  Iʼll get there!

My message is that there is hope.  I used to think that sounded corny, but I believe that these are incredibly stressful times, and also potent times.  We might just be evolving as a species, and we could end up in a much better place than we are now. How cool is that?  But the question is, "what can we do to support that, or support ourselves through these changing times?"  I believe that our work on our own self awareness and releasing what no longer serves us is essential.

Denene Derksen

Denene Derksen

I was surprised to see that my novel is a combination of some spicy erotica, suspense, and spiritual wisdom.  So I think part of my message also needs to be that everything is sacred, and our healing can begin with looking at our relationships with sexuality, and death as well, two areas we are a often out of balance with.

My novel can be ordered online at, and there will be information about my practice and upcoming workshops on there as well.  Book: Dancing With Fire:  How Two Women Fell Out of the Ordinary.

What are Blueprints From the Soul? Linda D Sajiw, Author

Linda Sajiw teaches people how to master their life by accelerating their evolution through integrating their Soul's purpose.

Linda D Sajiw

Linda D Sajiw

Undergoing an extreme makeover, Linda took courses in leadership training, interpreting your dreams, handwriting analysis, many energy healing techniques, public speaking, the visual arts and name a few.

Her experiences of transformation and knowing that her next step is always shown to be her Higher Self even when she couldn't think straight, have helped string her thoughts together.  Linda had to learn how to feel again, to trust and to feel safe.  She learned to be able to say something real from her heart and how to use eye contact.  Can you imagine not being able to look people in the eye!

The biggest changes happened for Linda when she discovered the technique for making the link with the Soul that is called the Rainbow Bridge.  She began to accelerate her path in life with these teachings developed by a few monks in the 1960's-80's.  This process took Linda two and a half years to complete.  She was told that the process would take two to five years to go through.  Linda thought, "Who wants to spend that amount of time these days doing such a practice?"  Few and far between are the people that have the discipline to do so.

Through her work with her clients as a spiritual life coach, Linda has spent the last six years discovering why a lot of the healing modalities never worked for her long term.  All the while, she had these Beings of light Over-lighting what she did.  Linda has been the experiment and she has been successful.   It is this awareness that she brings to her teaching.

The result is that visions and dreams Linda had seventeen years ago are now manifesting in her life.  Every single course she has taken and experience she has had, has trained her for building something bigger than Linda ever thought she could be.  In these times of accelerated change, Linda shares her tools so that people can quickly awaken spirituality to be where they are meant to be to serve something far greater than our human minds can comprehend.

The shift that people talk about in the year 2012 is about fusing the soul with the human self.  In that shift, we birth a whole new way of being.  We become Universal beings.

Linda's book shares her process and the tools for how to transform the split between male and female, spiritual and physical, above and below.  Healing the split means becoming whole in this world.  It's about lifting the veils and having our eyes wide open to see what has previously been invisible.

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Who is “The Next Big Thing”? Isabelle Mercier Turcotte – LeapZone TV

Catalyst, brand builder, business performance catalyst, host of and one of the best-selling authors of business and

Isabelle Mercier

Isabelle Mercier

marketing book titled, "The Next Big Thing":  This is Isabelle Mercier Turcotte

Experience Top Trends from Today's Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy; Isabelle's sole purpose is to empower change and growth.  "Momentum Generator" is her middle name and she has a relentless passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners raise the bar and expand their comfort zone to create outstanding brand experiences.

Isabelle's biggest strength is her "No B-S" approach and ability to tell it like it is.  She has the "Simon Cowell" edge and is not afraid to tell people what to do and how to do it.  she is an inspirational speaker, a captivating storyteller, and has an unquenchable enthusiasm for life. She is consistently leading-edge in facilitating change, and her undeniable track record and authentic connection with people, has gained her worldwide influence and recognition.

Isabelle co-founded her first business venture a few years out of her teens, which quickly escalated to become one of Canada's most awarded branding and creative firms; from prestigious international design awards to national entrepreneur of the year.  Isabelle was a true pioneer in branding, and to this day still continuously re-establishes the way people do business.

Throughout her career, isabelle has had the opportunity to help hundreds of small business owners, as well as some influential brands such as A&W, Robeez Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMax Corporation, and HSBC Investments.  She was instrumental in helping raise their business standards and redefine their industries through outstanding business strategies and forward-thinking communication tools.

With over two decades of hands-on experience in branding and business growth, as well as extensive knowledge from travelling the globe, Isabelle is determined more than ever to help small business owners all over the world, catapult their way to massive success.


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