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What are the keys to unlocking whatever blocks our path? Deepak R. Jayakar

Deepak (stands for Enlightenment and Inspiration) Jayakar (stands for Always Successful).

Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

With his 25+ years of experience in construction and real estate, he conveys warmth and intelligence through his design ideas.  Deepak believes, even the smallest decorating idea can result in renewal and rejuvenation of space.

In 1992 Deepak became a professional Feng Shui consultant after completing his education from Wind & Water Geomancy Centre, Hong Kong.  In his pursuit of Feng Shui knowledge, he spent most of his time with other Chinese Secret Masters for mastering the advanced Feng Shui Formulas and art of Fortune Telling.

Deepak, he is an established practitioner of FENG SHUI and known for his capacity in instant evaluation of the problems and introducing simple and practical but powerful solutions.

Currently, Deepak is assisting Real Estate Companies, Builders, Renovators and many Individual Families creating dream spaces by offering tailor made Design Solutions based on FENG SHUI theories.  He is also specialized in multifamily residential, Commercial developments and Hospitality Industry projects.

Today, Deepak is Vancouver's most sought after Interior Design, Custom Homes & Feng Shui consultant and lecturer with many high-end residential and commercial projects to his credit.  He is also Founder of TRENSETTA Training Academy and TRENSETTA Foundation (Bringing HOPE in many lives).  In constant demand as Interior Designer, custom homes & staging consultant; he has mastered the art of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics Science, popularly known as FENG SHUI.

Apart from practicing Feng Shui professionally, he also writes colunms and articles for various publications and conducts classes, seminars and talks on Feng Shui.  Through his training modules he teaches Feng Shui from Basic to Mastery level.  He believes - Energy (CHI) is our most precious personal gift from the Cosmos.  Good energy people and good energy homes manifest Happiness, Harmony and Abundance.  Whether it is love, business or well-being, it is Deepak's belief that Feng Shui holds the keys to unlocking whatever blocks our path.

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Can I Be me without losing you? Chental Wilson, Author

Born in High Wycombe, England, into a strong Catholic family, Chental is the second youngest of nine girls.  She met her husband at the age of fifteen and was married at nineteen.  After twenty eight years of being involved in their construction company she decided there must be more.  After her kids left, she wondered, "what now".  One day her husband asked her "Where did the woman go that I married?"  "Where had I gone, who am I and what do I want?"

For Chental, it was not something she chose, it chose her.  She became aware that this was her new task.  She heard a voice from deep within her compelling her to be ALL of her.  She wanted to find out where she had gone all those years, who was she and what did she believe.  How could she tell her husband this without him feeling afraid and threatened?  What would it all mean?  She was scared but curious at the same time.  The thought that she finally got to be her authentic self excited her!  The truth is she didn't even realize that she had gone anywhere until that moment.

She became the detective in her own life.  The question arose:  How can I tell my husband how important it is for me to find out who I am and who I am as my authentic self?  How do I switch to say, it used to be OK like this but now it is not.  How do I tell him I lied, I said yes when I wanted to say no sometimes, just to keep the peace, and I didn't want to do that anymore.

Chental Wilson

As Chental made her journey of self-discovery, profound statements would come to her.  For example: while on their motorcycle trip through Europe, she had time to ponder and reflect, while sitting on the back of a motorbike she thought, "Many people don't get to spend this much time with their own minds."  She also realized that "you keep looking outside of yourself, when all the answers lie within."

"Speak your truth.  Get fascinated by yourself and forget that you are afraid.  Are other people afraid of you, or is it you that is afraid of you?"

Chental discovered that even though her husband trusted her, that didn't matter.  His fear outweighed the trust and he felt threatened.  She had to find a way to let him know it wasn't about him.  It was about her.

"Open yourself up, so that nothing is hiding.  We create our own reality.  Peace was Chental's addiction and she would do anything to get it...even if it meant to be controlling of everything in her life."  Is this you?

Today, after 28 years of marriage, their marriage is more intimate, compassionate and loving than ever before.

Chental is passionate about helping other women, find themselves, without losing their family.  She lives on Salt Spring Island with her husband and this is her first book.  She decided she couldn't keep what she had learned on her own journey through life to herself.  It was her responsibility to share it.  This is her new "job".

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Just what is Mobile Marketing? Josette Williams

Josette Williams

Josette Williams

Josette Williams has pursued 18 years of entrepreneurship; running several businesses in the Fitness/Wellness industry, Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing industries.  Her accomplishments include 14,434 hours of contract work with over 400 clients; 2 years developing mobile marketing strategies for local businesses online; 3 years of corporate team management of over 40 employees; and 5 years of managing fitness facilities and company teams.

After being in business for 18 years, she sees how mobile marketing is shifting the game for businesses that want to attract more customers; who are using mobile devices and stay competitive in their niche.  Her consulting packages offer full range of customized services; such as creative mobile site development, targeted text/SMS campaigns, engaging social media management and robust app creation.

She is presently acting as the Executive Committee Coordinator for the International Mobile Marketing Business Network (IMMBN) located in Colorado.

Josette is passionate about discovery; insatiable around music and dancing in her living room; loves to connect socially and prides herself around her choice of fashion and the creation of in-home asethetics.  Self-expression is one of those qualities that you'll capture as soon as you meet her.

Ambient Mobile Marketing is a highly progressive mobile marketing company, with the single focus of helping businesses discover the latest marketing strategies that drive business and enhance branding.

Her business was started 2 years ago to help fill the gap between traditional online marketing and the newest wave of mobile marketing through smart phones and tablets.

Josette consults small businesses on the latest mobile marketing strategies; to engage their target audience and enhance the purchasing experience of any niche market.  Mobile marketing offers businesses simple solutions for customers to find and to purchase your products on their smart phones.


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“Cocktails and Cash”! Corry Staff – Certified Financial Planner

Not long ago, Corry was deep in debt and living paycheque to paycheque.  The stress of her credit card and other debts led her to follow the advice of a friend to speak to her financial advisor.  Within two years, Corry and her husband had paid off all their debts, and had money saved.  She was well on her way to financial success.  It is this inspiring story that she shares as she meets with people every day.

Corry has a long and rich history providing unparalleled client service in the retail and banking industry.  Through her interactions with clients, she discovered a true passion for helping others and making a difference in their lives.  Recognizing that many people need help in areas of financial education and advisement, she pursued a career in fainancial services in Saskatchewan with Sunlife Financial.

Corry quickly developed solid and trusted relationships with her clients before moving to British Columbia in 2007 with her husband, Les.  In 2008 she co-founded Family Legacy Financial Solutions Inc., a company focused on financial literacy, educating individuals and families on how they can make healthy financial decisions that will have a positive impact on their lives.  She continues this work through "home party seminars" for women and "lunch & learns" for your employees at no cost or obligation.

Corry's focus is on relationship building with her clients.  She starts by getting to know them as individuals first, then helping them to identify their wants and needs.  This enables her to find unique and individual solutions to help them reach their financial goals.  Corry's primary goal is to ensure her clients are prepared for all the opportunities and challenges that may come their way, allowing them to live the lifestyle they desire, stress free!

Corry specializes in three key areas:

-Retirement & Estate Planning for 45+

-Family Planning for 25+

-Young Women 19-30, single and loving it!

Corry's business is built on the "pay it forward" philosophy.  After working with Corry, many of her clients come to clearly understand the importance of financial security and are often eager to refer her to their family and friends.

Corry welcomes the opportunity to help you reach your financial goals.

"You drive, we'll navigate. Your road to financial success starts here."

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What is Communing with Dolphins? Hannelore Thiel – Author

Hannelore Thiel

Hannelore Thiel

Experience the peace and calm tranquility that comes from communing with dolphins.

Hannelore Thiel is an International speaker, author, teacher, counselor and life coach offering public and corporate workshops and retreats worldwide.

Frequently in the media and as an entrepreneur, Hannelore experienced international success in her career as a model and actress and as a president and CEO of her own Marketing Company and agency.

In addition to her degree in marketing, she is a graduate of 'The New Seminary' in New York, focusing on dimensions of psychology, comparative religions, healing and counseling.  Further studies include "The Medicine and Mystery Schools", Shamanism, Alchemical Hyplotherapy, Psychosomatic therapy, Reiki and Qi Gong.  She is a vessel for many disciplines and a varied always-expanding knowledge base.

Hannelore's much anticipated book, 'Ignite Your 6th Sense - The Power of Your Intuition' is the culmination of her life experiences and years of teaching.  Many have experienced her in-depth training program, 'The Power of Intuition'; the catalyst to empower and enhance lives and relationships.  Serious seekers move on to her advanced programs.

In addition to her CDs and many seminars, Hannelore regularly facilitates exclusive residential retreats - 'Communing with Dolphons' in Hawaii, and 'Nature Connect Empowerment retreats' where profound connections of healing, joy transformation, awe and bliss await.  These retreats inspired her book 'Dolphins, Whales and Magical Tails.'

Often referred to as a "Wisdom Keeper", Hannelore is dedicated and passionate about helping others succeed and tap into the realm of empowered thinking.  Sharing through her life experiences, synchronicities, insights and brilliant techniques, she masterfully assists you to embrace your role as a leader.  Hannelore's wisdom, enthusiasm and joyful presence will show you how intuition is your greatest power.  She walks the talk.

Visit her websites: You will love this wonderful song by Shawn Gallaway, composed  especially for 'Dolphins, Whales and Magical Tails'

For the past twenty-five years, Hannelore has dedicated her life to helping others awaken to their full potential.  She is a story teller as she teaches and shares from her heart, her own personal experiences.  She provides practical tools that made a difference and supported her in her own life.  Her greatest joy is seeing the transformations that take place in others.