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How to have a great Open House. Deepak Jayakar – Feng Shui Consultant, Researcher & Lecturer

Feng Shui for the Open House with Deepak Jayakar.

Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

Many realtors want to know how they can have better Open Houses, and how they can change their luck with Feng Shui.  Deepak is full of hints and ideas.

In this interview, Deepak describes some simple ways to increase your luck and improve your aura.

Do your iron your clothes?  Deepak shares the secret to why we should, and how it helps improve our "aura".

Apart from practicing Feng Shui professionally, he also writes columns and articles for various publications and conducts classes, seminars and talks on Feng Shui.  Through his training modules, he teaches Feng Shui from Basic to Mastery level.  He believes - Energy (chi) is our most precious personal gift from the Cosmos.  Good energy people and good energy homes manifest Happiness, Harmony, and Abundance.  whether it is love, business or well-being, Feng Shui holds the keys to unlocking whatever blocks our path.

Deepak is conducting some seminars and workshops in October and November.  Check the dates and titles that you would like to participate in and register before all the seats are taken.

October 17th - Feng Shui for Life

October 24th - Feng Shui for Relationships

November 1st week - Feng Shui for Realtors

November last week - Planning Success for the Year of the Snake, 2013.

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What is The Law of Attraction? Michael Losier – Author, Speaker, Writer

Michael Losier is the author of the best selling book, "Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't."  There have since been 1.3M copies of "Law of

Michael Losier

Michael Losier

Attraction", sold.

In 2003, after delivering over 700 hours of 'Teleclasses', and hundreds of one on one Law of Attraction coaching sessions, Michael combined his Law of Attraction teaching experience with his knowledge of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  The end result was a self-published book, Law of Attraction:  The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't.  Michael's book is now published in 28 languages around the world.  His Second book: Law of Connection is in 28 countries.

Enjoying the international exposure the movie, The Secret, brought to the subject of Law of Attraction, Michael's business flourished as many fans of The Secret wondered how to apply the Law of Attraction.  Michael was quickly branded as the 'How-to' guy for the Law of Attraction.

Michael caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and was subsequently interviewed four times on her radio show, Oprah and Friends, on XM Radio.  Michael went on to host his own radio show on Oprah and Friends from Jan-Dec 2008.

Michael runs an annual certification program - Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator Program.  He has certified 226 people in 13 countries.

Michael practices what he teaches.  He has never placed a press release in a newspaper or magazine, or sent a request to speak.  He simply speaks what he wants into existence.

Find out how to do implement the Law of Attraction techniques for yourself!

Watch for his latest book, "Fulfillment Needs: How to uncover what fulfills you so you can live your life's purpose."

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How women can experience quality of life, energy, mobility, radiance, focus, great moods, and happiness. Brenda Eastwood – RNCP

Have you suffered through health problems?  Have you dragged yourself to work when you were feeling depressed?  Do you cry every time your period comes, when you are trying to become pregnant?

Brenda Eastwood

Brenda Eastwood

Are you suffering from peri-menopausal bleeding?


Brenda Eastwood has experienced all of these, and more!  She expresses how it makes hear heart heavy to see so many women suffer both physically and mentally due to nutritional shortcomings.  Women either have no idea that they can improve the state of their well being with nutrients; or they have given up because what they have tried hasn't helped; or they believe that there is no other solution other than what their doctor has offered; or they have become so use to the way they feel, they do not even know that their lives can be any other way.  Brenda is passionate about educating women so that they know they have natural options, and can make more informed choices.  Most of all, she wants women to experience quality of life, energy, mobility, radiance, focus, great moods, and happiness.

As health care practitioners, who assess the whole individual, Brenda and her team work with you, the client, to achieve and maintain optimal health through the use of whole, unprocessed foods, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications.  Her team is dedicated to providing nutritional evaluations, balanced diet planning, nutritional supplement suggestions, and lifestyle recommendations for the purpose of enhancing health.

After 17 years of running a very successful private practice as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Brenda Eastwood decided that she wanted to make a bigger contribution to changing women's health for the better.  So she went on the road and for the last 15 years Brenda has been sharing her knowledge through workshops, seminars, audio programs, TV, radio, and her unique on-line program called the Inner Circle.

Brenda is not your typical nutritionist.  She is a realist who believes in minimal input for maximum results.  Having overcome her own health challenges from fatigue, depression, unjustified weight gain, to premature menopause at the early age of 32, she has a deep sensitivity to women's health concerns and understands the challenges that women face.

She takes all the guesswork out of "how to achieve optimal health."  She has helped turn around the lives of thousands of women by providing them with step-by-step strategies that are affordable, easy to incorporate and have a proven track record of producing outstanding and long-lasting results.

Brenda's seminars are far from ordinary.  She is a knowledgeable, gifted and high-energy speaker who has her audiences shaking with laughter as she discusses subjects that aren't normally discussed in a fun, yet totally professional manner.

With so many options in health care, confusing and contradictory opinions, and complicated health regimes, Brenda's practical approach is a breath of fresh air.

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What is your Paperwork Nightmare? Randall Orser – General Accountant

Randall took accounting classes in high school and realized that his career lay in the accounting field.

Randall Orser

Randall Orser

He started accounting/bookkeeping right out of high school and worked in various industries until the late 1990's when he decided to start his own business Cascade Business Services, which was renamed in 2007 to Number Crunchers financial Services.

Through networking and some smart marketing, especially to existing clients, Randall has grown Number Crunchers into a popular and successful enterprise.

Number Crunchers helps you work on your business, not in it.

With Number Crunchers, you hire a professional at the start to ensure all your bookkeeping needs will be completed properly and on time with your investment more than offset by the time saved.

Randall specializes with small and home-based businesses.  His qualified and experienced staff have an average of over 15 years experience in the areas of office administration and bookkeeping.  They provide you with the information you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Number Crunchers comes to your office, or can arrange to pick up your books, and can even supply the computer equipment and software if necessary.

They are available for short and long-term projects and will work with you to establish a program that will best meet your needs.

Ask for details about on time mobile bookkeeping services that won't get you audited, guaranteed!

Meet Randall and Number Crunchers:


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How do you build great relationships with mobile marketing? Josette Williams – Ambient Mobile Marketing

Josette Williams

Josette Williams

Ambient Mobile Marketing is a highly progressive mobile marketing company, with the single focus of helping businesses discover the latest marketing strategies that drive business and enhance branding.

Josette started her business two and a half years ago to help fill the gap between traditional online marketing and the newest wave of mobile marketing through smart phones and tablets.

Josette consults small businesses on the latest mobile marketing strategies.  She helps them to engage their target audience and enhance the purchasing experience of any niche market.  Mobile marketing offers businesses simple solutions for customers to find and to purchase your products on their smart phones.

After being in business for 18 years, she sees how mobile marketing is shifting the game for businesses that want to attract more customers, who are using mobile devices and stay competitive in their niche.  Her consulting packages offer a full range of customized services such as creative mobile site development, targeted text/SMS campaigns, engaging social media management, and robust app creation.

The big question with Mobile Marketing is "It is one thing to be techie and know about mobile marketing, but how do you reach out and touch people on a more personal level to build the lasting relationships you need for business?"

There is a Google resource we can go to for more information:  How to ""

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Kris Kringle’s Magic – Diane Stringam Tolley, Author

Author, journalist, speaker, grandmother of twelve, Diane Stringam Tolley announces the release of her second book, Kris Kringle's Magic; The Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend, officially to be

Kris Kringle's Magic

Kris Kringle's Magic

released on October 09, 2012, and on presale now at

"Kris Kringle is the round, jolly, elderly man that everyone knows," says Diane Stringam Tolley, author of Carving Angels. "The man who spends his life giving.  But have you ever wondered about the boy he was?  The young man?  The newlywed?"

"I love hearing about the things that went on while something was being created; a movie; a story; a work of art; a play.  The background is almost as exciting for me as the actual finished, well-known article." says Tolley.  "And that is what I write.  I take the stories that have been around since time immemorial and create a background for them.  For example:  Who made Santa's sleigh?  Someone must have done it!"

Kris Kringle's Magic also tells the story of the girl, Rebecca, who will one day become his wife.  And of the Elves, who figure so prominently in all North Pole stories.

"It is accepted that Kris Kringle lives at the North Pole.  With Elves," says Tolley, "But have you ever wondered how that happened?   It must have taken some world-changing, even traumatic event to force an entire race to take up lodgings at a place so utterly inhospitable and unwelcoming."

Kris Kringle's Magic is a story of prejudice.  Of hatred and fear and abuse.

And of true forgiveness and love.

And magic.

"You will never picture old Kris Kringle in the same light again," says Tolley.  "If you loved him before, you will love him even more now."

Mrs. Tolley is a former rancher and a full time mother, grandmother and journalist.  Raised by author parents on one of the last old ranches in Southern Alberta, her books reflect the values and sense of family that are so much a part of ranch life.  Her short stories may be read at

About Kris Kringle's Magic

Filled with messages of love, forbearance, humanity and courage, Kris Kringle's Magic is the perfect Christmas story for the whole family.  Using the dark themes of slavery and abuse, it proves that, with love and spiritual courage, one man can make a difference in the lives of thousands.  Let Kris Kringle's Magic change your world!

"When I speak, I share little tales of growing up on a ranch, Stories that are unremarkable; often silly; And all true.  My purpose in doing this is to ensure that these stories and those of the people present, are not forgotten.  All are important.  All should be recorded.  It doesn't matter if those listening think they can write; Or even if they can't tell the difference between "grammar'; or the elderly person who lives with Grandpa.  All have lived; all have stories; And these stories need to be recorded.

That is my mission.  That is what I want to promote." quoted from Diane Stringam Tolley.

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Have you ever wondered why you make decisions the way you do? Mary Tasi – Author

Mary Tasi

Mary Tasi

Mary Tasi has lived within the Squamish nation in North Vancouver since 1995.  As a result, she has developed a keen insight and understanding of coastal First Nation's customs, wisdom and oral storytelling traditions.  She is a former North Vancouver School Board Trustee and community planner.  Today, she lives in North Vancouver with her daughter and husband, award winning artist and sculptor, Wade Baker.

In her first book, "Spirit Memory - Igniting the Ancestral Memory of Aboriginal & Hungarian Forgotten Ties", Mary gives a unique insight into cross-cultural customs and life within the Squamish Nation as a young wife married to artist, Wade Baker.  She traces back the origins of her husband's family to the early explorers, Hudson  Bay fur traders and Chieftains, and mirrors her own Hungarian ancestral family, finding similarities in ancient historical events.  She shows how ancestral DNA across two cultures affects life choices in the present.  Join us at Ethical Kitchen for a special celebration launch, co-hosted by Barbara Schellenberg, owner, and Mary's family.  Everyone is welcome.

Mary has a simple request that she asks of everyone who attends her book launch.  Please read her book and come prepared to read your favourite passage from it.

Her Book Launch is September 10th, 2012; at Ethical Kitchen, 1600 McKay Road, North Vancouver; at 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

There will be culturally inspired refreshments, Tom Neville on violin, First Nation's blessings and art display, and author readings.  Julie Salisbury of Influence Publishing will introduce the book.

Chief Byron Moon says of the book:  "Accutely perceptive writing about how blood memory affects one's decision making and life choices."

Rosalyn Bruyere, Author of "Wheels of Light" quotes: "Mary's journey has the unmistakable ring of ancient wisdom and brings healing on many levels to those who read it."

Visit Mary and her book at:

For media interviews please contact Julie Salisbury, Influence Publishing,

Tel: 250-746-9969

Or Mary Tasi, author, direct at 604-202-9551


Buy her book at

How to sell your house fast. Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar is today Vancouver's most sought after Interior Design, Custom Homes & Feng Shui consultant and lecturer with many high-end residential and commercial projects to his credit.  He has also mastered the art of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics Science, popularly known as Feng Shui.

Many of you are like me.  You have heard of Feng Shui here and there over the years, but never really understood what it was or how to use it.  Most of us don't even know the simple things that we can do to enhance the natural energies in our homes.  One huge thing we can do for ourselves is to have a home that is neat and tidy, and well organized without clutter sitting anywhere.  This clutter will bring negative energies into your home and into your life.  If you are wondering why you can never seem to get ahead, and you live in a "clutter-bug" home, you need to speak with Deepak Jayakar.

Did you know that having a bathroom directly above the entrance to your home is not a good thing?  Listen to Deepak explain why in this interview.

Also, did you know what it does to the energy in your home to have a bathroom directly above the kitchen?

There are many simple things that we can do to enhance the positive energy in our homes.  Deepak Shares many of them with us in this podcast.

Find out how you can bring the right kind of energy into selling your home fast and getting great offers from buyers.  If your home is not moving, or getting any activity from prospective buyers, after being listed for many months...listen to what Deepak has to say.

Find out what male and female realtors need to do in order to get offers on their listings.

If you are a skeptic, you need to listen to Deepak and get the "straight goods."

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