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What is the “Wave of the Future?” Josette Williams

By 2014 there will be more smart-phones in the market than desktop devices.  Did you know that?!

Josette Williams

Josette Williams

Josette Williams, Mobile marketing specialist, shares some of her tips and tricks for how to keep your mobile marketing database separate from your email database.  She shares some engagement strategies to use with mobile marketing and how to communicate with customers, with their permission.  Yes, you need to get permission to message through mobile media too!

We share how to build a database of mobile customers and how to keep them engaged with incentives that are fun and keep them wanting to see more.

How do we invite our mobile customers to opt in and share their cell number, which is very personal?  What are the best practices for mobile marketing?

Josette shares how she works with her clients and what kinds of incentives work for different clients.

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Where do you go when YOUR “roof comes crashing down?” – Westminster House

When you have reached that spot with addiction where you just know that you have "lost it,"  the point where you finally realize that you are out of control with your life and that you cannot do it alone.  You have come to the realization that you need to ask for help.  You know that there is no other way out.  You know that you have sunk to the depths of an abyss beyond your beyond.  You are too ashamed to go to family or friends.  You have no money to pay for assistance.  You have burned all your bridges.  You need to know that there is a way out of your predicament.  Westminster House offers the help you need.

The Westminster House mission is "To provide and maintain a structured environment within a therapeutic community that is both beneficial and critical for women to develop and rediscover their life skills, to foster a space supportive of shared experiences free from alcohol and chemical dependency, as well as facilitate the process of integration of women back into the community."

Two compassionate and masterful women at the helm of Westminster House are Sarah Franklen, Executive Director and Susan Hogarth, Development Assistant.  Together they are working to raise funding for the programs and services of Westminster House, and are also raising awareness that addiction is a brain disease.  People once saw addiction as a personality flaw and a sign of weakness.  This stigma still persists in society today and is a major challenge for addicts and the people who treat them.  Westminster House strives to remove the stigma attached to addiction through treatment and participation in community.

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Sarah Franklen has over twelve years of professional experience in addiction services.  She has set a high standard for quality of service in the delivery of addiction programs.  Sarah is educated in Substance Misuse and Addiction and has gained hands on experience working on the front line with recovering addicts.  Her passion for her work, coupled with the dynamic programs offered by Westminster House is creating opportunities for women trapped in addiction, to heal and recover.  Drawing from her professional experience in business development and marketing, Sarah has put the Westminster House program of recovery on the cutting edge of services to addicts and their families.   Sarah believes in the statement, "Women Do Recover" and is determined to ensure that any women seeking a new way of life have the opportunity to find recovery through Westminster House.  Sarah finds it inspiring when women become physically and emotionally healthy and can return to their families, employers and communities free from addiction.

Susan Hogarth has over 22 years of experience in the corporate sector specializing in project management, account management, and sales and marketing.  Susan's strong attention to detail, problem solving, and written and oral skills add to the effectiveness as a member of the Westminster House team.  Her ability to organize and manage special events and fundraisers has contributed to the growth of the organization.  Susan's commitment to recovery accompanied by her vast experience make her a perfect fit for the position of Development Assistant at Westminster House.

Sarah and Susan share heart-warming stories of women who have conquered their addictions.  These recovered women are now living healthy and normal lives and are totally integrated back into the community working at jobs and feeling fulfilled.  Listen to these stories and feel the joy of these successful journeys through recovery.

Learn how Westminster House was born and about the story of its founder.  Find out how you can become involved.

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Sarah Franklen, Executive Director
Sarah Franklen, Executive Director


228 7th Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 3K3

Call for help at: 604-524-5633

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Susan Hogarth, Development Assistant

Susan Hogarth, Development Assistant