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How does “The 3R Experience” have anything to do with a “mouse in the bananas?” Sarah Pavlou – Retail Specialist

Sarah's creative inspiration, love for people and being part of a team started early in life, being part of the arts, music and various associations.  These passions quickly became her future and career.

Sarah Pavlou

Sarah Pavlou

With more than 20+ years in the Retail industry, Sarah has worked with blue chip companies both in the UK and internationally investing in Brand Development, People Development, and Store Openings.  Her most recent position as CEO of Hamleys Cyprus, was the third of three major International brands she has launched into the Cyprus market.

This was a turning point in Sarah's career.  With her 360 degree experience in Retail and passion for investing in people, Sarah took the decision to launch her own Business Development firm, The 3R Experience.

Through online and offline training and workshops, Sarah runs a very successful operation supporting retailers worldwide in local and international business development/expansion (franchising).  Her love for reaching out, meeting new people and investing in other's futures is what inspired Sarah to partner with Eleni Demosthenous and form the exceptional network, Non for profit organisation, IWIB - International Women In Business.

Find out what the 3R Experience has to do with a "mouse in the bananas."

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How did she “Dance in the Heart of the Dragon?” Ramona McKean – Author, Speaker, Teacher

How would  you feel if you had almost lost your life in a country you were visiting?  Would you still be able to say you loved being there and have fond memories?

Ramona McKean

Ramona McKean

Ramona McKean shares her story of her gripping and inspiring experience when she was living in/visting China.  She is a Canadian teacher who was travelling in rural China.  As she shares her education of a lifetime, the kind that impacts the mind and expands the heart, you feel her horror as the bus approaches head-on!  You feel her helplessness as she watches a man die; you feel her humility as she received unprecedented care from non-professional people; you feel her heartbreak as she realizes she must leave China and her friends behind.  Discover with her, in Canada, the miracle of her survival.

This true story - honest, intimate, and inspired - is written to provide a bridge of the heart between Westerners open to knowing China and Chinese people open to being seen and understood by the West.  About people, not politics, this is a love story told by means of journal entries, emails, memories, dreams, and song.  And like The English Patient, the story is told from a hospital bed.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, the eldest of six, Ramona grew up with a dream to "go to a foreign land one day and live there."  After earning a BA in English from UBC, (University of British Columbia)  she started her teaching career in Port McNeill, B.C., then took time off to raise three children.  Later she returned to teaching in Nanaimo, B.C. and also earned her MA in educational leadership.

In early 2004, disenchanted with just about everything, Ramona responded to an inner voice telling her she was "going to China," a decision central to a purpose she was meant to fulfill and a decision she has not regretted.  Ramona now lives in Victoria, B.C., with her grandchildren nearby.  Writing continues to be a main source of her spiritual connection.

This is her first book.  It will be published February 5th, 2013.

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What are “Apps?” Josette Williams – Ambient Marketing

This is the 5th in our series on Mobile Marketing with Josette Williams.

Josette Williams

Josette Williams

How many of you are sitting in front of your computer and wondering how to get your media files connected to your mobile devices?  I don't know about you, but I was dragged into the 21st Century
Kicking and Screaming!  I need all the help I can get to learn how to use all this new technology!  Thank goodness my friend, Laura Simonson (The Doggess), introduced us.

Josette has had her own business for over 18 years, and has specialized with mobile marketing for the last 2.5 years...almost 3 years now.

In this discussion, Josette shares with us exactly what "apps" are, and how we can use them.  She walks us through a typical day with mobile.  At the end of the day she had used around 25 different mobile "apps" to assist her.  She literally demonstrated how valuable these mobile "apps" can be to us.

You would think that "this is just an application that we are using," and treat it as such, but Josette reminds us that we can build relationships through the strategic use of mobile "apps."

If you are wondering what you should consider before using an "app" for your business, listen to what Josette tells us in this interview.

Learning how to use them and then implementing them into your regular routines is simple and practical, when you listen to Josette explain how they work.

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What does it mean to “Get Your Ego in a Cheque?” Alan Borcic – Profit Maker

Alan Borcic was born in Yugoslavia.  He was raised in a middle class family.  His father was a mechanical engineer, his mother was an administrative assistant.  Through childhood, Alan was always good in school and sports, but never had any affinity to start his own business.

Alan Borcic

Alan Borcic

The way business was operated in Yugoslavia in those days was in a socialistic system, where employees have a stable life.  Everybody had a job and it was pretty much guaranteed for life!  Life was good, and simple.  He played outside with friends, went skiing in the winter, and swimming in the summer.  Health care and education was "free,"  that is what taxes were for.

While Alan was studying electrical engineering, a war broke out.  He graduated and moved to Canada at that time, 1997.  When he got here, he was faced with a very different system, and  it took Alan some time to learn about the lack of security in the work place.

It was in the corporate world where Alan started his career.  After a few years, he realized that something was missing.  Hard working people are treated as numbers; they are losing jobs because of the economy, it has nothing to do with their performance.  No one seemed to care for their lives, their families, or their existence.  The companies were making a business decision that had nothing to do with how great an employee was.  At that moment, Alan realized that he had to change something.  He realized that he cannot trust his family's existence to the whims of others.

This motivated him to start his own business and help small business owners get their independence and freedom; to achieve the life they deserve.

When small business owners are so busy working in their business, they do not have time to think about their marketing strategy.  Alan lifts that burden off their backs.   He understands that being different in the marketplace is the basic ingredient of success.    His mission is to help small business to live the life they desire by helping them reach their business goals.  Alan likes his clients to be happy, even if that means recommending they be serviced by someone else.

Alan Borcic is the only business consultant I know that guarantees his results within 30 days, or your money back.

Check out his special offer for all our listeners:  $1,000 Business  Makeover absolutely FREE!   Send him an email to:; type "Bonus" in the subject line.

Call him at:  647-977-9097  to learn how to increase your profit quickly.