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Where is The Power in Overcoming! Daniel Woo – Loud Ninja Marketing

Daniel was born and raised in South Vancouver, British Columbia.  He was diagnosed with and battled Dyslexia throughout his formative years.  He was also a victim of bullying in elementary and high school.  Daniel suffered substantial personal trauma in high school.  It was while he was attending high school that art became his method of escape.

After high school, Daniel attended Langara College and took the VCC Jewellery Art & Design Programme.  Upon graduating from college, Daniel took a three year medical sabbatical while he went through dialysis and had a kidney transplant.

Once his strength returned, he worked with several different jewellery operations within the Lower Mainland.

Daniel retired from the jewellery sector in 2006, and has been involved with traditional business marketing and network marketing.  He has returned to his creative roots once again and is creating beautiful pastel paintings.  A couple of his creations are attached here.


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Fired at Fifty! Christine Till – Author, Speaker, Coach

On January 4th, 2011, Christine Till found herself “fired” at 50+.  As she lived through this experience, Christine discovered that she could not be a “lone wolf”.  She needed to ask for help.  Christine also discovered that she needed to draw on her strengths.  She gathered together everything in her “toolbox” and put them to work.  Christine collaborated with business and life coaches, and networking groups, and found her purpose as “The Marketing Mentress”.  Born in Alberta, Canada, Christine is happily married and now living in Vancouver, B.C.  She has raised 4 children who are successful in their own lives.  She had a fulfilling career of over twenty years in traditional sales and marketing.


How I Came to Write this Book:

As I journeyed through the past two years, I found that I was not alone.  At the networking meetings I attended, there seemed to be 60-70% of the people sitting around those networking tables, with grey hair...or they were bald.  Hmmm!  Was this a trend, I wondered?


I discovered that most of these "grey haired" people were in a similar stage in life to myself...being out of work 5-15 years short of their retirement goals.  They were all looking for ways to market their skills and expertise.  There were people with their Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate degrees, who were "all at sea" with what they should offer to society that people would need and want and be willing to pay for.  That was me too!


On my journey, I discovered how to use my skills, training, and wisdom in ways to help get the help I needed to move ahead without costing huge, out-of-pocket expense.  I was able to figure out how to "monetize" myself.


Watching all the people around those networking tables, who were in my shoes, so to speak, my heart went out to them.  I asked myself, "What can I do to help them?"  I wanted so much to help them without embarrassing them.


Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea to write my story in a book that people could read in a self-help fashion so they could use what I did, to help themselves.


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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website by 2013! Josette Williams – Ambient Mobile Marketing

Have you tried to upload your website to your mobile device? When you do, observe what happens. Can you see it displayed in your screen, or is it so big that you need to scroll around to find the buttons to click? How long does it take to upload to your device? Does your website fit the "five second rule?" (Studies have been completed to show how long people are willing to wait for a site to upload to their devices. Josette discusses some of these in this interview. The numbers are astounding!)

It is my pleasure to have Josette Williams of Ambient Mobile Marketing as my guest for our series on Mobile Marketing. She specializes with helping businesses fill the gap between traditional online marketing and the newest wave of mobile marketing through smart phones and tablets. Her single focus is to help businesses discover the latest marketing strategies that can drive their business and enhance their branding. Josette shows small businesses the latest mobile marketing strategies and how to engage their target audience and enhance the purchasing experience of any niche market.

Mobile marketing offers businesses simple solutions for customers to find and to purchase your products on their smart phones and mobile devices.

This is the sixth podcast in our series where we discuss the importance of being mobile with our marketing strategies today.

The point is that we are in the midst of an impending "tsunami" of social media. If we are not on board, we will be "left in its wake!"

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Twitter: @mobilejosette


“After Incest: Transcending Devastation and Embracing Vibrant Aliveness.” EK Wolf – Author, Licensed Professional Counselor


"E.K. Wolf has bravely written her truth.  As a survivor of the devastation of incest she has boldly described the generational and insidious aspect of this form of child abuse.

As a grown woman and mother she found herself trapped in anger and rage.  Through her journey to wholeness she has come to understand how important it is to seek mental health guidance.

After Incest: Transcending Devastation and Embracing Vibrant Aliveness is an important new book in the literature to stop child sexual abuse.

Until the world fully understands this secret shame the damage will continue.

E.K. Wolf is a voice for change.  Even though the pages of this book brought up old feelings in me, I think it is an essential read.  Bravo to E.K. Wolf." by

Donna L. Friess, Ph.D. author, Cry the Darkness: One Woman's Triumph Over the Tragedy of Incest. Health Communications, Inc. 1993.


E.K. Wolf

E.K. Wolf

E.K. Wolf, has studied psychology, spirituality, and energy medicine from the inside out for over twenty years.  It began as a mission to heal from her own childhood experience of incest.

In addition to all the work she has done personally she also studied more formally and attained a Masters Degree in Counseling.  She is now a Licensed Professional Counselor.

She gained a more complete understanding of what helps people to be emotionally healthy and recover from trauma by sitting in both chairs at the counselor's office.

At the age of 46, after 23 years devoted to healing, she transcended the experience of incest.

Now, she wants to teach others how to do the same, and her new mission is to get people talking instead of whispering about this silent, shame invoking epidemic.

She currently maintains a modest private practice in a small town in Colorado and has a web site at

E.K. invites people to visit her website to read her blog, ask questions and seek her help.

For help, call 1-800-for-a-child

How to find the right Franchise Business for you? Chuck Prenevost – Franchise Specialist

How do you know if a business is the right one for you?

Chuck Prenevost

Chuck Prenevost

With over 21 years as a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, Chuck started his service-based business from scratch, evolving it into being recognized as one of the elite service providers in Canada.  He brings a unique perspective to the franchise business knowing first-hand the value of effective business systems and what it takes to start and grow a successful business.

With real world experience, Chuck will guide you through your business investigation and assist in matching you with franchise opportunities that align with your lifestyle and business goals. His extensive management skills include Budgeting, P&L Management, Sales, Marketing, Executive-level Negotiations, Human Resource Development, Operations and Logistics Management.

In 2008, he sold his Toronto-based business and moved West with his wife, Esta, to settle in beautiful Squamish, B.C., where they continue to work as ski instructors at the world famous Whistler Blackcomb mountain.

Having experienced the benefits of the FranNet team at the Toronto office and seeing the potential of the business model, it was an easy decision to join the Vancouver office and help the many like-minded entrepreneurs realize their dream of independence and business ownership.

Chuck has a passion to help entrepreneurs young and old establish their own enterprise as he did when he was in his mid twenties.  It takes hard work and focus to be successful and sometimes the "School of hard knocks" is a greater teacher than any text book.  He hopes to impart some of his experiences to his clients along the way.

Together you'll explore if business ownership in franchising is right for you - both financially and as a career choice.

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TTR: @chuckprenevost



From Mexico to Vancouver! Karina Eva – Amando Natural Stone

Karina Eva is a woman of tenacity; a woman of courage; a woman of valour!

Karina Eva

Karina Eva

Just a few short years ago Karina immigrated to Canada from Mexico with nothing but her dream.  Her dream was, to make something of herself and own her own successful business.  She is proof that all you need is a dream, and you can achieve anything your heart desires.

Karina first became introduced to the "natural stone" industry in 1997.   Amando Natural Stone was born in 2008, inspired by her Father when he passed away.  She started her business, Amando Natural Stone, in 2009.  After many days of hard work and long nights of planning and and sweating, she has built a successful company.  Her company supplies beautiful, natural stone, quarried from Mexico.  This stone is shaped into ornate fountains, pillars, fireplaces, countertops, fireplace surrounds, light fixtures, and many other fabulous accessories to make your home unique.

When you meet Karina, you find a person of enthusiasm, warmth, and a new friend.  She has poured her heart, mind, and soul into her family and Amando Natural Stone.  She says that she is a challenge, but she challenges herself to be on top of social media with her enthusiastic posts and blogs.  She is working when her children are sleeping, determined not only to have a successful business, but a life full of love.

You can find her in a Zumba class regularly chatting and having a blast!  You would never have believed it, if you had met Karina a few years ago.  She used to be a shy girl.  Now she is confident and outgoing, ready to rock because she has overcome many challenges.

Social media is where I found her.  I have been watching her posts for quite a while now, and Karina impressed me with the way she reaches out to people to "friend" them.  The way she posts and writes in her blog inspired me.  What a great example she is to others who would also like to build their own business!  I just had to meet this "whirling dervish with a plan!"

Here is a living example of what you can do with pure determination.

Building a home?  Check out Amando Natural Stone and make your home a masterpiece.

Meet Karina:

Twitter: @amandostone

LinkedIn: /karinaeva

YouTube: AmandoNaturalStone

ByzHub: AmandoNaturalStone

Ph: 604-591-2952

Great Performances – The Small Business Script for the 21st Century. – Clemens Rettich, MBA, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

If you knew you could accomplish anything and had a simple way to do it, what would you do?

Clemens Rettich

Clemens Rettich

Putting in too many hours?  Not enough money at the end of the month?

Is the dream of owning your own business crumbling in the face of demanding customers and employees?  Did you expect running your own business to be such hard work? How can you turn this around quickly and get the dream back on track?

In 3 acts, your business coach walks you through stories, tips, and strategies to turn your business into a Great Performance.

Drawing from real-life case stories of small business failures and successes, Clemens gives you the nuts and bolts required to make your dream or small business success a reality.  These are the things that give you back your dreams, and give you back your life in the process.

Clemens knows that successfully building a small business is more craft and art than science.  He coaches small business clients from almost every industry, and of almost every size, from 100,000 to over 10 million in revenues.  He is a mentor, speaker, and contract instructor at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria.  He sits on community boards and supports community economic development as a facilitator and consultant.  He is a volunteer with Junior Achievement Canada, educating high school students in the fundamentals of business and career development.

If you are a small business owner, you will want to keep Clemens Rettich "in your back pocket."

Meet Clemens Rettich, MBA, Author, Instructor, Speaker, Executive Business Coach - of Victoria, British Columbia.

Skype: clemens_rettich

Tel: 250-710-7588