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The best sales copy I have ever read! Troy D. White – Writer, Speaker

On average, I would say that I receive 200 email messages a day. I don't share this with you to brag. It is just a fact. So what do you think I do with most of those emails that come into my inbox on a daily basis? You got it! They get DELETED! I'm sure it would be safe to say that most people who receive that many emails a day are doing the same thing as me. We scan down the list of emails in our inbox being careful to open only the ones that we are interested in. Now, is that where you want your precious emails that you send out to your contacts and associates to end up? Can you see how important it is to make your emails (sales copy) enlightening, catchy, genuine and engaging? People love stories.

When you receive an email full of "Sales Copy" that shares a compelling story with you, you naturally want to read it all the way through. You want to find out what happens at the end of it. Isn't that right?

Well I met Troy White through a friend, Robin Elliott. He suggested that I might like to help Troy by sharing his great stories with my connections online. But something happened to me as I was reading the emails from Troy. I found them interesting and compelling. I wanted to read to the end and see what happened at the end of his stories. I never delete his emails because I want to read what he has written each day.

Have you ever received great emails that made you want to stop and read through the entire copy?

In my humble opinion, Troy White is the master of "Ad Copy Writing"!

Troy tells me that he didn't start out that way. It has taken him over 23 years to perfect his skill. In the past decade he has helped hundreds of small business owners generate more leads and improve their sales conversions with the ability to "Turn Words Into Wealth".

Troy's writing has been mentioned on Forbes,com, has been in major publications and his online articles are read by thousands of people every week.  Troy won the Business leader of Tomorrow Award presented by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and he has been interviewed on talk radio shows around North America.

Troy is an expert on finding unusual ways to promote your business on a budget. From the wacky promotions that his clients use on a regular basis, to one-time product launches using highly unusual stories and themes.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will love Troy's techniques! Read all about him:

Money In Your Hand. Shelora Fitzgerald – Hand Analyst, Visionary, Speaker

Who would have thought that you could meet interesting people at a meeting?!

Well I did! As I was leaving an early morning networking meeting in Vancouver, BC, I literally bumped into this petite, exuberant lady. She asked me what I did. I told her I had an internet radio show. She said, "Can I be on it?" And that was it. We set a date and she came on my show for the first time in 2012.

Would you agree that people come into your life at a certain time for a purpose? Sometimes we do not know what that purpose is until much later, but it is my intuition that there is more to it than just a chance meeting. The first time Shelora Fitzgerald and I connected was a total fluke. Get this! It happened again!

A couple weeks ago my phone rang a little after 9:00pm and I answered it thinking it might be one of my children calling and I better answer. After all, they are the only ones who call that late in the evening. Think again! It was Shelora Fitzgerald. Get this! She wasn't even calling me. She was calling someone else, and accidentally mixed the numbers in her directory. Can you believe it?!

We got chatting and I discovered that Shelora had another great topic that we could do a show on. We set a date, and here it is.

For over thirty years, Shelora has travelled all over North America coaching her clients to break through whatever is holding them back from living their best, most fulfilling lives, the lives they were inherently designed for. Highly intuitive and creative, Shelora has a rich background in stage, film, television as well as the healing arts.

She has been everything from a film-maker and actress and speech coach. She has multiple professional degrees to back it all up. Shelora is valued for her personal, inspirational, invigorating presentation style. Hand analysis is Shelora's Tool.  Her niche is helping entrepreneurs use the success map in their hands to determine their own life purpose, and business niche.

Money is in Your Hand: How to profit from living your purpose and your passion!

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Facebook: /AConversationForTransformation

Phone: 604-986-0867

What is the Business of the Future that YOU NEED Today? Amber Noakes – First Canadian Barter Exchange

What do you do when cash is short and your business has needs? Amber Noakes, a partner in First Canadian Barter Exchange, demonstrates how your business can harness untapped potential by trading your excess inventory, capacity or unfilled billable hours for things that you need. Barter exchange members are able to access thousands of products and services, both locally and internationally, without spending their cash.

Amber Noakes

Amber Noakes

Amber enjoys working with small to medium sized businesses and showing them innovative ways to increase profits and reduce operating costs. Her client base includes companies in a variety of sectors such as business service providers, restaurants, accommodations, product distributors, and health-care practitioners, just to name a few.

Amber and her team currently offer free workshops which demonstrate how businesses can harness their untapped potential. Her greatest joy is developing relationships with clients and seeing them reach their full potential.

Find out how to "Win" a huge array of services and products with their current contest:

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Are YOU the ONLY YOU there is? George Greenwood – Identity Theft

Our habits create our vulnerability to have our identity accessible to a thief. Did you know this? George is actively raising awareness and consciousness of individuals, families, and businesses in order to reduce their risk and decrease their vulnerability of identity abuse.  He wants people to be able to absolutely say, "May I always be the ONLY ME there is!"

George Greenwood

George Greenwood

It all started with George working to market a product to help protect people from identity theft a few years ago. The answer he received regularly was, "I don't need this protection because I am careful." Would this be you? This sent George on a quest to research identity theft so he could prove to people why they needed the protection. What resulted was the creation of a desire deep within George to find out more about the habits of people and what they do to leave themselves vulnerable. This culminated in the publishing of his first book, "In Your Good Name", which was published in 2007. George has now published two more books, "Confessions of an Identity Thief" and "Memories of a Stolen Life". Through these books people can gain a deep understanding of exactly what identity theft is and how easily a "thief" can get hold of our personal and private information...because we give it to them.

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Phone: 778-552-0961



Twitter: @keepIDsafe


Will your emails be replaced by SMS/text and Push Notifications in 2013? Josette Williams, Ambient Mobile Marketing

In this fast paced world of technology and being mobile where are you?

Josette Williams

Josette Williams

If you are like me, you have at least one mobile device, like an iPhone or some type of cellular "gismo". But how much do you really use it? Are you on it almost 24/7 every day? I know some people that sleep with their "gismo" (cellular device) under their pillow, or even in their hand all night! Can you believe it!? People never leave their home without their mobile device. They usually grab their wallet, their keys and their "gismo" as they walk out the door. Then they are out most of the day.

Because most of us are out all day, we do not have much opportunity to sit at a computer checking our email and social media messages. What better way to be flexible and have all our online communications than through our mobile devices (gismos)!

Josette Williams is a professional mobile marketing specialist. She has almost three years of experience specifically with mobile marketing. How she helps businesses is to work with them creating specific campaigns that will invite people to connect with their cell phones and be able to receive messages from her clients. In order for businesses to entice people to opt into their marketing campaigns, the campaigns need to be fun and engaging. Nobody will opt into a campaign that says "Opt into my campaign here." However, if your campaign starts with something like "My house is burning down! Find out where it is!" People will be curious as to where this is all happening and what do you mean. There are many ways to make your campaign fun and engaging.

In this interview, we discuss the difference between SMS/text and Push Notifications. Before this interview, I had no idea that there was any difference between them.

This is the seventh in the series we have been running with Josette. Watch for the next one coming soon.

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