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What is your Johari Window? Betska K-Burr – Author, Master Coach

Betska is a voracious reader. She meditates for lengthy periods of time every day, loves to garden, takes pride in feeding her family healthy vegan food and enjoys hikes and yoga.  She lives values such as courage, faith, generosity, and love. - And Oh yes, she has an undeniable weakness for dark chocolate.Betska K-Burr

As a Co-President and Head of Research and Development for CLI, an Accredited Master Coach by the International Institute of Coaching (IIC), and a veteran facilitator, Betska serves on the International Board of Directors for the International Institute of Coaching (IIC).

As the IIC Head of Accreditation Betska coaches across the globe.

As Lead Instructor, students from around the world study at CLI's coach training school to learn Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics (PCMK).

Betska is the developer of 80+ scientifically engineered coaching and leadership methodologies for whole brain thinking which enrich a leader's competencies and bring peace into their lives.

She is a Canadian best-selling author of many books including: "Creating Champions"; "Flying by the Seat of Your...Plans"; "Build a Booooming Business"; "SuperExcellent Selling", "The "God" in Coaching - The Key to a Happy Life".

Betska has received many business awards and is world renowned!

What makes Betska unique as a coach is how she incorporates the understanding and use of the subconscious mind with ordinary coaching helping her students and clients to discover their positive programming.  Her technique helps expand their genius for more innovative solutions to become whole-brain thinkers.