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Challenge; Engage; Be Authentic! Lucca Hallex, Coach, Power Sourcerer

Stymied with where you are now and need to go with your business?Lucca Hallex

What will it take to get you from here to there? Are you ready for this?

Lucca Hallex loves working with clients who enjoy working at the creative edges of the mainstream, who are often the ones in a group to query why things are being done the way they are and whether there might be a better way, who find themselves walking to the beat of a different drum, even if they're able to fit into the mainstream.

As a coach and intuitive, she engages with individuals and organizations who are change-makers. She calls it 'working at the edge' - at the edge of what they know about themselves and their professional fields, how they want to move through the world and what impact they desire.  Together, they build on the client's experience and passion to create a future that is inspiring to get up to each day.  She coaches to find the deep source of the client's power by using her intuition and encouraging them to use theirs.  Her clients say of the work that it truly changes their lives.

People enjoy working with her if they want to be challenged to be authentic while feeling supported to make meaningful change.  Lucca is a professional coach, intuitive, and counsellor with a business and organizational background.  She came to coaching in the late 1990's while running courses in conflict facilitation and relationship skills.  Currently, she resides in Vancouver and has been in private practice in North America and internationally since 1990. She identifies herself as a Power Sourcerer - pun intended! You will hear her say that she helps you to source your own natural power and that she provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which to work while 'Life provides the material'.  - Increase your awareness - Expand your options - Empower yourself


TTR: @luccahallex

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Cracking The Dementia Code – Karen Tyrell, CDP, CPCA

Are you feeling sandwiched between aging parents, your family, and your own career?Karen Tyrell

Are you frustrated, saddened watching a loved one as they lose mental acuity?

You are not alone. There is help available.

Karen Tyrell, Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Professional Consultant on Aging is making life easier for caregivers and individuals with dementia. She has past experience working in long-term care homes for over 14 years in the recreation department.

Karen was highly involved in the day to day activities of the Alzheimer Society of Leeds-Grenville located in Brockville, Ontario in the role of Board President and also as Executive Director.

After moving to B.C. in 2009, Karen made her passion her profession by creating a Dementia Consulting company called, Personalized Dementia Solutions.  As a Dementia Consultant, she uses her knowledge, skills and experience to generate creative non-pharmacological solutions to help to alleviate every day challenges associated with dementia.

Karen also provides educational workshops such as, "How to Maintain a Healthy Brain" and "Cracking the Dementia Code" for caregivers who are dealing with difficult behaviours. She is currently in the process of putting her "Cracking the Dementia Code" workshop into a book format.

She also volunteers her time to various support roles in the community; Caregiver Support Group Facilitator, Volunteer Coordinator for the Investor's Group Walk for Memories and as a Co-Chair for the BSIS Burnaby Seniors Fair.

To get in touch with Karen Tyrell:

Tel: 778-789-1496

My Promise to You… – Blair Mann, Photographer

NO head shot on your Linkedin profile; head shots done 10 years ago?Blair Mann

Does your head shot look like you?

How many times have you attended a networking meeting where you met someone that you totally do not recognize when you hear their familiar name? You realize that you are connected with them on your social media, and you recognize their name, but they look nothing like the head shot they have on their profile.

How scarey is that?!

Take a long look at the head shot you are using  on your professional platforms in social media. Then look in the mirror. How long has it been since you had that picture taken? -Or did you just take a "webcam shot"? -Or did you hold up your iPhone and snap a picture of your face? Then how well did that picture fit in your online media?

All too often we see people online with absolutely no head shot. What message are they giving you? Would you trust doing business with them?

Blair Mann is a headshot and portrait photographer with a love for photographing people. He provides professional photography both in studio and on location.

Your portrait session is important to him. The photographs he takes of you tell the story of who you are.

Good quality portraits that look relaxed, flattering and make you feel great about having them done don't just happen by chance. The secret is in the planning and the skill of the photographer who's goal is to create valuable memories for you and your family. It is not a rushed, high volume business. Blair will take as long as needed to capture the best poses and expressions. Blair says, "I'd rather do it right, or not at all."

So, what is your image doing for you?

Blair Mann's promise to you... "The photographs I create for you will meet or exceed your expectations. Absolutely love them or your money back. No questions asked.  No hard feelings either. Signed: Blair Mann, Photographer."

Email or call Blair:

Tel:  604-720-6635


When you have been diagnosed with Cancer… – Dr. Nelie C. Johnson, MD

Chronically Ill; sick of being sick: wondering how to get rid of illness?

Dr. Nelie C. Johnson will help you.Nelie Johnson

Dr. Johnson has worked as a physician for over 30 years and has been asking herself the same questions! She began actively searching for answers 20 years ago, because despite its many strengths, Western Medicine did not give her all the answers.

Many people have come to her in her practice and in her life that are trying to deal with health challenges or are suffering from major upsets in their lives due to high levels of stress or "dis-ease".
As Dr. Johnson sat down with cancer patients in their shock and fear and helped them get the medical treatment they needed, she kept saying to herself, "There has to be more I can do to help them."
She searched for answers to the key questions:
-What is disease really?
-Why is it showing up for this person at this time in his/her life?
If she was going to help her patients get well, she had to first know why they were getting sick.
After much searching and studying, she did get some answers that have made it possible for her to show people a way that leads them out of fear and into surviving, toward well-being and healing.
Dr. Johnson discovered that the natural response of the body to any illness is to heal.  Fear, unresolved emotional trauma, mispreceptions and beliefs inhibit healing.  From her study of various modalities of healing, she has learned simple and powerful tools and processes to help her patients uncover and release these blocks to the body's natural healing.
It all boils down to the fact that we can each be in control of our own health and healing.  We just need the right tools to help us get there.
Dr. Nelie C. Johnson has found the tools we need to manage our own well being.
Meet Dr. Nelie C. Johnson:
Phone: 604-467-1794

The Gift of Music – Nick Parsons, Teacher, Composer, Performer

Two years ago I met a busker on a street corner in New Westminster. He was playing his guitar and singing. He was good! So I was curious as to why he was busking on a street corner with his wonderful talent. We struck up a conversation, and when he heard that I also was a performer, he asked if he could come listen to me sometime. Of course I wanted to add to my audience, so I invited him to join in. He then asked if he could bring his friend with him.

Guess who this friend was? It was Nick Parsons! Long story short, Nick and I now have been performing together at many seniors living communities ever since then!

In order to have your profile up on my website, you must audition. Well Nick passed with flying colours!

Nick has studied with the Royal Conservatory of Music for over 25 years. He currently holds a Grade 10 with honours. He is continuing to work on his ARCT to receive his formal certification. He has also taught piano lessons for over 9 years now. As a piano teacher, he is patient and considerate, but strict with his gentle manner. He is currently booking students to fill a few open spots on his calendar for the next school year, starting in mid September.

When you have the opportunity to listen to Nick play the piano, you will be amazed with his gift. He is truly a gifted performer, and has been classed in this category by the honours he has received through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Born in British Columbia and raised in Surrey, his interests include card games, exercise (running, walking, biking), reading, and movies.

Nick started piano lessons when he was 5 years of age.

To book piano lessons or a performance with Nick:  Email:


Phone: 604-510-2425Nick Parsons