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What is a Vector Catalyst? Leah Albrecht, MBA, Business Coach.

Leah Albrecht is on a mission to show entrepreneurs and business owners with chronic illness that they can successfully balance their health, their business and still have a satisfying and Leah Albrecht purposeful life.

As the owner of Vector Catalyst, Leah acts as a business coach, consultant, and trainer. She is an advocate for life-long learning and practices what she preaches as evidenced by her MBA.  Her practical approach and processes clearly define strategies to empower business owners to finally get what they want out of life.

She is known for her infectious enthusiasm, her insight and her serenity.  Leah’s empathy and understanding of the challenges associated with having a chronic illness comes from having lived with illness for more than half her life.

Leah had always been gifted with a deep desire to help others.  She was the type of child who would do anything to help someone else – including her older brother’s homework.

Satisfied clients rave about the incredible impact that Leah has had and her ability to clarify exactly what they want and keep them motivated and accountable. She has the ability to put the focus on what is important to her clients and ensuring they feel supported and understood.

Those touched by Leah’s gifts are guided deliberately and compassionately to make good decisions about their health and business, to constantly take action and live the lives they desire, lives that they might not have allowed themselves to believe possible.

With Leah as your ­catalyst and guide, you will find your balance.

Her essential message is “Dream big.  Start small.  Act now.”

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Are you sick and tired of being “sick and tired?” Debra Taylor – Transformational Coach, Awakener, Visionary Leader, Healer, Author.

Debra Taylor is a Transformer, Awakener, Visionary Leader, Healer, Author of 3 self-help books and creator of a sound healing CD called ‘Drumming Up Energy’.Debra Taylor

With more than 30 years experience in sales and customer service, Debra has played a key role in helping thousands of others confidently make informed, life-altering decisions and take inspired actions toward accomplishing their goals.

Debra gets excited seeing people ‘light-up’ when she talks with them about their dreams and helps them connect with their inner genius who knows how to transform those dreams into reality.

Fear and self-doubt are two of the most insidious weapons of mass self-destruction that Debra encounters in her clients. These weapons are fueled by self-defeating thoughts keeping them stuck in jobs that suck the life out of them, in unfulfilling relationships and feeling tremendous resistance to keeping commitments they wish they’d never made.

Being highly intuitive and empathic, Debra is able to see what’s hidden, hear what’s not being voiced and to discover the untutored seeds of excellence inside her clients that only require care, attention and nurturing to grow into their fullness.

“Our lives are a product of our habitual thoughts and by transforming our thoughts we transform our lives” says Debra. As a Transformational Coach Debra helps people pay attention to their dominant thoughts and to use the power of both their own mind and the mastermind, to create a greater sense of peace, purpose and power in all their endeavours.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, are feeling battered and bruised by bumping up against all manner of unseen barriers as you work to create what you truly want from life, then I invite you to take a walk and talk with Debra. Not only will she help you quickly Discover the root cause of those barriers, together you’ll find simple, easy to implement ways to completely dissolve them.


Contact Debra at 604-307-9417, email: or visit her website:


On Discovery Walks; Truth Talks!



What can a Realtor do for me? Cameron Tsoi-A-Sue – Realtor, Leader, RE/MAX Executive Club

This sharp, intelligent, high energy gentleman, Cameron Tsoi-A-Sue has a track record of making a profound positive impact on people's lives. He provides innovative and personalized real estate and financial services. Cameron's workCameron Tsoi A Sue combines natural creativity and genuine enthusiasm for aligning his clients' dreams and reality.

Cameron helps people find the right home and then match them with financial experts providing the solutions to get them there. His talent for strategic out-of-the-box thinking and effective negotiation allows him to deliver extraordinary results.

So, you're selling your home? Are you going to be able to purchase again, once you have sold? Cameron will help make sure you can.

Some of Cameron's accomplishments are RE/Max Executive Club, Re/Max Top 100 Western Canada, and Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Outstanding Achievement Award just to name a few.

Cameron's specialties are the gift of empowering people to realize their dreams and goals; a builder creating results-based business and referral systems; professional speaker who can engage diverse audiences with a flare for stories and humour; a connector who links people in a powerful network of high-achieving professionals.

When you meet with Cameron Tsoi-A-Sue, you feel like you are with greatness. He also makes you feel like a million bucks!

Meet Cameron:


How do you “reverse engineer” your finances? Alan Wilson – QSoup Solutions

Alan is motivated by his desire to help others. Whether it is a child in need in a third world country, a couple seeking to strengthen their marriage, a person or couple that want to improve their financial position, or a person that needs help making informed business decisions, he wants to help.Alan Wilson

Throughout his life, from starting a Red Cross Club in Junior High School to a volunteer Fire Fighter, or a volunteer Pastor to volunteer coach for his children’s sports teams, or serving full time with charities around the world Alan has been actively involved. In the business world, Alan has a talent for helping others to market their business, increase their sales, and increase their income.

Alan does this with his business partner, Ed Dorffi. By studying human behaviour and psychology, they help people to determine what their desired goals are, and then they “reverse engineer” the process by determining the best options for them. Alan and Ed then help their clients by demonstration to help them achieve their goals.

They are currently refining the Financial Life Skills Simulator (FLSS) to help people set and achieve financial goals. The ultimate objective is to help people get out of debt, to live within their means, and achieve their financial goals, while teaching them the blessings of giving.

The Financial Life Skills Simulator helps you to make choices to achieve your goals, while demonstrating the effect of your decision in the short, medium and long term. People make better choices when they can model their decisions and choices through our comprehensive yet easy to use tools. You can achieve your goals in Life. Let us help you!

Reserve your private session at 1.604.825.8232 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, or send an email at Alan looks forward to helping YOU, whether it is in your personal financial life, your business life or in your charitable endeavours.

Alan Wilson

Co-Founder & CEO

LI: /alanwilson


Staying in Alignment with your Talent: Finding Yourself. Lucca Hallex, Coach, Power Sourcerer.

Have you been working with different coaches and feeling like you aren't connecting?Lucca Hallex

Here's the reason why!

You need to find that person who will help you work at the creative edges of the mainstream. You are one who queries why things are being done the way they are and whether there might be a better way, who finds yourself walking to the beat of a different drum, even if you're able to fit into the mainstream.

Lucca engages with people like you who are change-makers. She calls it "working at the edge" - at the edge of what you know about yourself and your professional field. She helps you find what makes you want to move through the world and what impact you desire. Together, you build on the your experience and passion to create a future that is inspiring to get up to each day. Lucca  helps to find your deep source of power by using her intuition and encouraging you to use yours.

You will enjoy working with Lucca because you want to be challenged to be authentic, while feeling supported to make meaningful change. As a professional coach, intuitive and counsellor with a business and organizational background, Lucca holds the knowledge and experience you are looking for.

Since 1990, Lucca Hallex has been helping people like you to source your own natural power.

Discover how to "stay in alignment with your talent".

Meet Lucca Hallex:


Twitter: @luccahallex

Facebook: Lucca Hallex Power Sourcering


What is Hypnosis Medicine? Vincent Milardo, Counsellor, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist.

With over 25 years of experience in his field, Vincent Milardo has been dedicated to helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals, living more balanced and healthyVincent Milardo lifestyles. He is the founder and director of Milardo Wellness Center (, a leading provider of life coaching, hypnotherapy, and counseling services. He provides services to individuals, business owners, managers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, and athletes.

All too often we can get ourselves bogged down to beyond "overwhelm" in our busy and hectic lives. We have the answers inside us. Vincent helps us to resource these answers and implement them into our lives. Through individual sessions and programs in stress/anxiety management, stop smoking, weight loss, confidence, life/work balance, overcoming fears and phobias, improving sports performance, motivation, better sleep, public speaking, relationship enhancement Vincent Milardo instills in his clients positive reinforcement systems to help them establish healthy lifestyles.

Vincent is a certified medical hypnotherapist, counsellor, and Life Coach in Vancouver. Over the past 25+ years, through individual sessions, workshops, and seminars, Vincert has helped clients create transformations in their personal, relational, and work lives.  He utilizes a wholistic (mind-body connection) and practical approach to empowering others.

As a student studying under Dr. Michael Preston, author of the book "Hypnosis-Medicine of the Mind", Vincent was certified as a medical hypnotherapist by the Institute of Medical Hypnosis. He is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as a member of AIMS (Alternative Integrative Medicine Society), The association for Addiction Professionals, NAADAC and the International Association of Coaches.

Since 1985, Vincent has had a successful private practice in downtown Vancouver and has expanded his practice to the North Shore with his second office in West Vancouver in 2005. He invites you to take the opportunity to connect with him.

Meet Vincent Milardo:

Phone: 604-669-9699

Are you a “Whiner or a Winner”? Danny Kerr, BEST Mindset Groups

Danny Kerr has an incredible story of overcoming. Growing up, he learned two very important things: 1. work hard and 2. be humble in everything you do. Coming from a humble family of a single mom raising him on welfare, he learned to make his own success in life. To make Danny's life choices even more challenging, his father died of a heroine overdose when Danny was 14 years old. This caused him to do some deep soul searching and to decide whether he wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps. Lucky for Danny, he found the strength he needed to change the adversities in his life and make them into positives.

Going through school, he discovered that he was Dyslexic and was treated differently by his classmates and teachers. These experiences fueled a desire in him to prove he could do more. By the time he graduated high school, this desire had turned into reality. After graduating with a 4.0 GPA, he started his own painting business employing 12 staff full time and making enough to buy his first home.

At 20 years old, he took on a position as a General Manager for a franchise company and grew sales from $400K to $1.3M in one year. Such rapid growth was only possible through coaching amazing franchisees and being an open, honest, flexible coach to them.  Building this business taught him the power of hard work and being humble in everything he does.
Due to these experiences, Danny has decided to commit his life to assisting others to move past adversity to reach their full potential.
Meet Danny and BEST Mindset Groups:
Office: 778-565-4090