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Love to a Young Man is Spelled “T-I-M-E”! James Cloughley – Author

Jim is a graduate of the Niagara College Social Service Worker Program and the Addiction Studies Program at McMaster University. Following


James Cloughley

James Cloughley

graduation in 1993 he began his career in the human services field as a counselor in a residential treatment program specializing in assisting those who suffer from substance abuse problems.  His career has continued for over 20 years.

Having done so, Jim has developed a keen understanding of the differing ways both genders see the world they live in. Some of that time included working with men and women, as singles and couples, whose lives and families had been ravaged by alcoholism and drug addiction.

Much more time was spent listening to the stories of those fathers who had left their families and specifically their sons behind.  He also engaged in countless conversations and listened to the stories of those sons who grew up with no father or strong male role model in their lives and the impact those situations had on their lives.

Having been a single parent to a son and a daughter for several years, Jim can now add a personal level of experience to the insights he shares in his new book “A Man’s Work Is Never Done: A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons”

The combination of education, professional and personal experience makes Jim uniquely qualified to speak on this extremely important social issue—guiding our young men through the transition from boyhood to manhood.

“A Man’s Work is Never Done” became an Amazon bestseller following its release in late 2011. James and hisbook have been featured many times in his local newsfrom the Niagara area of Southern Ontario.“A Man’s Work is Never Done” is distributed by Ingram andRed Tuque; it is available worldwide at over 30,000 onlineand retail outlets.

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The Truth Behind the Catholic Church – John Shields, Author

John’s search for the truth of spirituality began as a young boy. Being raised in an Irish Catholic family, his journey began very young. As a young man, he left high school to study at the Catholic seminary, where he studied for 10 years and became a priest.

John Shields

John Shields

In the 1960’s the Catholic church embarked on a new path of scientific philosophy, which John was excited about, because this new philosophy was based on scientific research. But with the coming of a new Pope, these philosophies were squashed and buried. The Catholic priests were no longer allowed to preach and teach if they taught this new philosophy.

John shares his feelings around this change in the philosophy of the Catholic faith along with his beliefs and his own understandings of spirituality, based on the scientific facts he has discovered.

This whole turmoil in the Catholic church shattered John’s faith in the religion…and he has discovered that he is not alone. He shares how the turmoil has affected all the other priests who were his “compadres” in the church at this same period of time. It has shattered the faith of 80% of his companions in the seminary he attended.

Since 1969 John has lived and worked in Victoria, BC. He served a tenure of 14 years as a Social Work supervisor in Victoria. This is where he first developed his administrative capacity. His executive skills and abilities were developed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU). John was elected to that office seven times. Through this experience he was forced to become adept in dealing with transformational change, when the union was faced with the need to rethink its identity and embark in new directions, if it was going to survive. He learned how to work with his board to rethink their identity, and to create a new vision. The strategy was hugely successful, seeing the union’s membership almost double by the time he left, and the union had reinvented itself. John stepped down in 1999 to become the fulltime caregiver for his late wife during her terminal illness.

The experiences John had with the Catholic church and with his wife’s death spurred him on to search more in depth into his own spirituality. As a result, he has written his first book, “The Priest Who Left His Religion in Search of Cosmic Spirituality”.

After a long period of intensely private work as a caregiver he has begun to restore balance to his life. John has been working on several non-profit boards, including the Well Foundation, which recently sponsored the first national conference on men’s health.

Recently John has been offered a position with the Land Conservancy of BC, a not for profit charity based in Victoria, BC.

John is now working on a second book about new cosmology and spirituality and has been facilitating a weekly group for men who are exploring spirituality. And most importantly to himself, he has married Robin June Hood. They have a daughter, Nikki, who is starting her masters degree at UVic.

By day shines the sun;

by night, the moon;

in armor, the warrior;

in jhana, the Brahmin.

But all day & all night,

every day & every night,

the Awakened One shines in splendour.

Dhammapada, 26 translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


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