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Are you stuck in Marketing Peanutbutter? Christine Till – Speaker, Author, Coach, Podcaster.

Now that you are on all your social media platforms and sitting pretty, so to speak, what next?

How do you start posting things on Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn specifically to help you market your business? What do you write? How do you write it?

Often I meet people in business who express these very same concerns. It has inspired me to create a special Entrepreneur Package to help business owners have something tangible that they can post through all their online platforms, and have a professionalism that is brilliant for them.

Christine Till

Christine Till

Here is what I packaged for you:

1. An podcast interview with you that is approximately 15 min long when it is finished (The reason I keep them short is because my statistics from my websites show that the longest people are listening to my podcasts is 13 minutes.) Now, the interview is recorded and edited. It takes me up to 8 hours to edit one interview because I work hard to make you sound as professional as possible. One of the interviews I did a couple years ago had 223 edits in it! So you can see how it can take time to perfect. Then I add my professional intro and outro with music overlay and publish the final product.

2. I write a blog about you and your business speaking about your "Why" you do what you do, what inspired you to start your business, "Who" you are and the "how" and "what" about your business.

3. I attach a professional headshot of you and your business logo or copy of the cover of your book.

4. The podcast gets attached to the blog post and published on my two websites.

5. I email the finished product to you in the form of a published URL. This you can use to help market yourself forever. I never take down an interview.

6. You will also receive an hour of LinkedIn coaching about how to use LinkedIn to build the relationships you need and want for business. I actually teach you how to "mine" LinkedIn for leads through building strategic relationships.

7. You also receive an hour of Social Media coaching to help you get all your different platforms working together from one platform that you can manage in 15 minutes 2-3 times a day. Easy-peasy!

8. You get a professional intro and outro with music overlay that is yours to keep and use for any other podcasts that you will want to have.

Normally my corporate price is $800, but when you contact me through this podcast connection, you receive my special offer of only $600.00 for this package.

How cool is that!

Book your professional podcast here:


LI: /christinetill

Twitter: @mktgmentress

FB: /themarketingmentress

LI Co. Pg: /company/the-marketing-mentress


Private Counsel. Lucca Hallex – Coach, Power Sourcerer

Lucca is a professional coach, intuitive, and counsellor with a business and organizational background. She came to coaching in the late 1990s while running courses in conflict facilitation and relationship skills.

You will hear her say that she helps you to source your own natural power and that she provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which to work while 'Life provides the material'.

Lucca Hallex

Lucca Hallex

As a coach and intuitive, she engages with individuals and organizations who are change-makers. She calls it 'working at the edge' - at the edge of what they know about themselves and their professional fields, how they want to move through the world and what impact they desire.

Together, they build on the client's experience and passion to create a future that is inspiring to get up to each day. She coaches to find the deep source of the client's power by using her intuition and encouraging them to use theirs. Her clients say of the work that “it truly changes their lives”.

People enjoy working with her if they want to be challenged to be authentic while feeling supported to make meaningful change.

Increase your awareness - Expand your options - Empower yourself


Skype Handle: luccahallex

Twitter: @luccahallex

FB: Lucca Hallex Power Sourcering

Thresholds are sacred territory - linger awhile






Building for the Future. Jim Perkins – Owner, Founder, Philanthropist.

"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them. Earn everything."

"I believe that it takes just a small group of driven, capable professionals to create something new.

My dream is to transform the construction and construction finance sectors into platforms that benefit the consumer and the lender. Sounds simple but it isn't. The result, if done correctly, will create an efficient, transparent culture that consumers will demand in the future."

Jim Perkins

Jim Perkins

— Jim Perkins

Perkins has never shied away from hard work or a fight for what he believes in. As he says, he didn't really have a choice. He was born to Sue and David John Perkins in Wales, both of whom didn't give alternatives to earning your keep and acting like a man at a very young age. The family horse farm meant that even as a child, Perkins was part of the family unit fighting to earn his keep. So when his father headed out to his construction company, it was a natural transition that, as soon as Jim was old enough, he too would go. Perkins says that even as a youngster it was common for him and his father to have to travel up to 3 hours to sites across the UK to follow work and that's why his current 12 -14 hour days at FairTradeWorksand Perkins Construction aren't unfamiliar. Perkins laughs that, in fact it's Sundays that stress him out the most, as he feels uncomfortable with all the down time.

From his initiation into construction with his father's company, Perkins says he knew he wanted to travel. So to pay for the luxury, he made his way around the globe working for various construction firms doing anything and everything to make money, gain experience and soak up expertise. From Costa Rica to Australia and all the small countries in between, Perkins hammered his way through framing and roofing, landscaping and cement - working on everything from residential to commercial, civic and sustainable projects.

Despite his travels and diverse influences, Perkins parents' words continue to echo into his adult life. Employees report that Perkins is frequently heard around the office repeating his father's phrases and mottos like "it's not the job you do, but the job you leave behind," and even the classic, "make sure that you leave the Perkins name on everything Jim." And that he does. Jim's stamp of individuality is on everything he touches. From his personal tattooed, gold-toothed style to his unique marketing campaigns including mascots, street teams and incredible contests. Perkins says his philosophy is that "it's got to be fun so that people recognize that construction should be enjoyable. We're building amazing spaces for people to enjoy yet the current construction industry makes them shudder at the thought of building or renovating. That's wrong, and I'm going to do everything I can to help change this."

He's hoping to do it with FairTradeWorks. Its corporate mission statement is quite simple. It plans to set new standards for the construction industry through its innovative service support systems and software. They say these standards will provide convenience and trust to both homeowners and contractors. A trust that Perkins believes is long overdue. He says that, "his systematic approach to bidding, project management, site safety, clean up and environmental sustainability are our driving force but it's just a small example of the changes that I hope to see happen to this industry."

FairTradeWorks launched in August 20, 2012 and Perkins says that the reason he initially felt the construction industry needed to be leveled and re-built from the ground up was because the current system pits homeowner against contractor. He feels that FairTradeWorks makes everything very clear for all parties so that everyone involved can move forward with confidence and enjoy the process rather than being a negative experience.

Meet Jim Perkins and FairTradeWorks:




Relentless: Walking Against All Odds! Josh Wood – Author, Motivational Speaker

Josh Wood was born on Friday the 13th 1981 in Frankston, Melbourne Australia, and from the moment he could move he was active. He rode a mini BMX bike before he could walk and this set him up for a life of action sports.

Graduating from high school, he pursued his dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. That dream came to a crashing halt when an aerial snowboard jump went terribly wrong. In a split second- Josh became a quadriplegic.

Josh Wood

Josh Wood

Despite the medical team's prognosis that he would never get out of bed due to the severity of spinal cord damage, he defied the odds, rose up and through self-healing methods and determination, was able to walk again.

From this point onwards, Josh decided to bring his message to scores of people who face similar challenges, as well as everyday people from all walks of life. Josh is a published author, motivational speaker, an inspirational advocate for self-healing, and a man with a simple message for the world- Never Give Up!

Josh is speaking at Project Walk in Atlanta, GA in November 2013.

The information on Project Walk -Project Walk Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Recovery ...

Connect with Josh:


TWITTER:  @woody_jjw

INSTAGRAM:  relentless_the book

LINKEDIN:  Josh Wood

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What’s Color Got to Do With It? Jeanette Chasworth – “The Color Whisperer”

Jeanette Chasworth is known as “The Color Whisperer” because of her ability to speak the language of color in her design work.

Jeanette Chasworth

Jeanette Chasworth

When starting a new project, she listens to the needs and desires of both you and your home.

Instead of fitting her own style to a project, she uses her intuition and design knowledge to create an inspiring environment that weaves together each of your unique tastes, preferences and functional needs to deliver a space or home that reflects your true personality.

Jeanette believes in the transformational power of design and color. Jeanette draws inspiration from the homeowners’ lifestyle, taste and experiences and also attunes herself to the house itself. This unique combination creates individualized design from a soulful place that brings out the best visually, for her clients and their environment.

Her clients often describe their newly designed space as a visual expression of their personality. There is a sense of peace and comfort created by colors and textures that now harmonize with the energy of the client—and with their home. As a result, Jeanette’s portfolio illustrates great diversity in design. Her philosophy is unbounded by a particular style - her inspiration drawn from the desires that houses may ‘whisper in her ear’.

In addition, Jeanette has inspired students at Citrus College in Glendora, the University of California at Riverside, and Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut as an instructor. Her work has been featured in Arts and Crafts Home Magazine and she is the author of “What’s Color Got to Do With It?” published in 2011. For a complimentary sample chapter go to

Jeanette strongly believes that when you change the surroundings in your home, your life will be transformed allowing you to heal your past and step into your future with the solid foundation of a home that flourishes around you. When you are ready to bring your home to life, contact Jeanette at and you too, will feel “hugged by your home.”


FREE Intro Event – All You Need To Know About Book Publishing by Julie Salisbury, Influence Publishing

Julie Salisbury

Julie Salisbury

Without the help of Influence Publishing, and specifically the help of Julie Salisbury, I would never have published my book, "Fired at Fifty"! I am too busy to go through all the fuss and bother of learning how to "self-publish", plus I have learned that there are far more benefits to having a 'publisher'!
If you have a book in you that is pushing to get out, you will love hearing what Julie Salisbury has to say about the process of writing and publishing your book.
When you attend her free session on Thursday, November 13th at The Landing (375 Water Street, Gastown, Vancouver, BC) you will:
- Access Insider Industry Information
- Discover misconceptions about self-publishing
- Learn about challenges in trade publishing
- Realize your passion in writing
- Ask questions of an experienced publisher
As there is a waitlist for this event, please confirm your RSVP by emailing
The first 10 attendees to confirm attendance will receive a free book to be collected at the event. For those attending the information evening, we are also offering a discounted rate ($100 off) for our November 30th & December 1st worhshops.