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How big are your “Marketing Muscles”? Bill Baylis – With the Biggest Marketing Muscles I’ve Seen!

Bill Baylis

Bill Baylis


What does a person with a lifelong passion for learning and entrepreneurship do when they grow up?

They combine the two loves, mix in some social media and marketing expertise, and become a “business turnaround expert” like Bill Baylis.

Growing up in a family owned business sparked Bill’s desire to achieve success not only for himself, but for every business owner he collaborates with.

After learning the ropes of marketing strategies, sales techniques and billing optimization strategies, Bill developed his own unique and highly successful approach to mastering business growth. Utilizing these skills, which combine strategic marketing, social media, and aggressive internal training for his partner companies, Bill has gained a reputation as a stellar player with the highest integrity, leading clients to seek out his collaborative approach to marketing through business partnerships, as well as by attending his seminars, workshops, and tele-seminars.

Remaining on the cutting edge of business strategy and marketing through social media, client relations, leadership and marketing education is both the key to Bill’s success, and one of his favorite hobbies. Bill takes pride in seeing the businesses he works with grow, regardless of economic climate. His continued educational pursuits ensure that he’s able to lead the way to bigger and better results for each and every one of his clients, and his approachable and passionate persona makes him one of the most sought after professionals in his field.

Bill resides on Long Island, NY with his wife Susan, and his twin sons Nicolas and Brady. An active member of his community, he enjoys golf, hockey, meditation and a good backyard barbecue.

Meet Bill:

bill@onlinemarketingmuscle.comOnline Marketing Muscle

What does it mean to be the Labyrinth Lady? Diana Ng, MSc.

Diana Ng, also known as the Labyrinth Lady in her community, is a facilitator, speaker, and educational consultant whose passion is to offer leadership insights to non-profit groups, corporations and government agencies.

She is highly trained and experienced in her field with over twenty years working in health care, non-profit and government organizations.Labyrinth

She earned a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University and is a Registered Nurse with numerous certifications.

She is committed to life-long growth and to helping others develop through sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge. This broad and diverse experience base is the major contribution to her consulting effectiveness.

Diana Ng’s Consultancy offers services in:  Developing leadership to build staff potential; Common visioning to create a cohesive organization; Fostering appreciation for diversity to strengthen your organization; Strategic planning to set your organization on the right path; Team building of organizations for optimal effectiveness and maximal return on investment; Designing and building customized permanent labyrinths in gardens, hospitals, schools and other organizations.

Consultation and Facilitation are available in a variety of formats:

* Inclusive group facilitations

* Workshops and seminars that focus on strengths, recognize contributions and celebrate achievements

* Inspiring speaking engagements

* Compassionate life coaching/mentoring in forms of "walk and talk" and "tea and chat"

Benefits to Your Organization:

* Reduce absenteeism

* Increase productivity

* Decrease conflicts

* Sharpen focus

* Enhance collaboration

* Heighten creativity

* Develop teamwork

* Reclaim peace

Diana Ng

Diana Ng

* Promote problem-solving skills

In a world where change is constant, we inspire people and organizations to lead with peace and possibilities.

Meet Diana: