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Mary Tasi

Mary Tasi

Mary Tasi has lived within the Squamish nation in North Vancouver since 1995.  As a result, she has developed a keen insight and understanding of coastal First Nation's customs, wisdom and oral storytelling traditions.  She is a former North Vancouver School Board Trustee and community planner.  Today, she lives in North Vancouver with her daughter and husband, award winning artist and sculptor, Wade Baker.

In her first book, "Spirit Memory - Igniting the Ancestral Memory of Aboriginal & Hungarian Forgotten Ties", Mary gives a unique insight into cross-cultural customs and life within the Squamish Nation as a young wife married to artist, Wade Baker.  She traces back the origins of her husband's family to the early explorers, Hudson  Bay fur traders and Chieftains, and mirrors her own Hungarian ancestral family, finding similarities in ancient historical events.  She shows how ancestral DNA across two cultures affects life choices in the present.  Join us at Ethical Kitchen for a special celebration launch, co-hosted by Barbara Schellenberg, owner, and Mary's family.  Everyone is welcome.

Mary has a simple request that she asks of everyone who attends her book launch.  Please read her book and come prepared to read your favourite passage from it.

Her Book Launch is September 10th, 2012; at Ethical Kitchen, 1600 McKay Road, North Vancouver; at 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

There will be culturally inspired refreshments, Tom Neville on violin, First Nation's blessings and art display, and author readings.  Julie Salisbury of Influence Publishing will introduce the book.

Chief Byron Moon says of the book:  "Accutely perceptive writing about how blood memory affects one's decision making and life choices."

Rosalyn Bruyere, Author of "Wheels of Light" quotes: "Mary's journey has the unmistakable ring of ancient wisdom and brings healing on many levels to those who read it."

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