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Sue Dumais is a Heart Led Living Coach, Author, International Speaker, and a gifted Intuitive Healer who helps others see the invisible, feel the intangible, and do the impossible. Due Dumais Heart Led Living

She brings the gift of insight, awareness, and self-empowerment to her audiences. She is passionate about helping others heal the root of their dis-eases and return physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically to their natural state of harmony.

Desperately seeking answers for herself, Sue Dumais has walked to the edge of life over and over again, asking “Why am I here?” At a deep level, she believed she wasn’t good enough, even while she was constantly striving to prove her own worth. After sensing cancer deep within her own body, Sue discovered her unique healing path back to vibrant health. Her deep desire to understand human behaviour and to heal her past has led her to become a coach and embrace her intuitive gifts as a healer.

Sue’s new book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work”  describes her personal journey through the darkness of anorexia, alcohol abuse, and other self-destructive behaviours. Enroute, she discovers her true gift of inspiring others to awaken their innate ability to heal and to trust their intuition as they lead with their heart and discover their “YES!” for life.

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