How to sell your house fast. Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar is today Vancouver's most sought after Interior Design, Custom Homes & Feng Shui consultant and lecturer with many high-end residential and commercial projects to his credit.  He has also mastered the art of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics Science, popularly known as Feng Shui.

Many of you are like me.  You have heard of Feng Shui here and there over the years, but never really understood what it was or how to use it.  Most of us don't even know the simple things that we can do to enhance the natural energies in our homes.  One huge thing we can do for ourselves is to have a home that is neat and tidy, and well organized without clutter sitting anywhere.  This clutter will bring negative energies into your home and into your life.  If you are wondering why you can never seem to get ahead, and you live in a "clutter-bug" home, you need to speak with Deepak Jayakar.

Did you know that having a bathroom directly above the entrance to your home is not a good thing?  Listen to Deepak explain why in this interview.

Also, did you know what it does to the energy in your home to have a bathroom directly above the kitchen?

There are many simple things that we can do to enhance the positive energy in our homes.  Deepak Shares many of them with us in this podcast.

Find out how you can bring the right kind of energy into selling your home fast and getting great offers from buyers.  If your home is not moving, or getting any activity from prospective buyers, after being listed for many months...listen to what Deepak has to say.

Find out what male and female realtors need to do in order to get offers on their listings.

If you are a skeptic, you need to listen to Deepak and get the "straight goods."

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