Keeping up with Michael

Now that I am no longer involved with Linked:Seattle I have started a new group on LinkedIn called the "Seattle Business Network".

You can find my group here:

I am looking forward to interacting with you in the new group. I will be announcing future meetups that I will put on in the new year through the SBN group.

Michael Surkan

P.S. Don't forget to check out my "LinkedIn Secrets" videos, posted in the "Members Area" of my site. They provide some very useful strategies, and step-by-step instructions, for how to take LinkedIn to the next level in building fruitful professional relationships. They are completely free, but you do have to register as a member of the site to view them.


SUBJECT: Keeping up with Michael


For all my Linked:Seattle friends who would like to keep up with what I am up to, feel free to join the “Members Area” of my Practical Podcasting web site. Here is the direct link


Not only will you get announcements about great things I am doing, you will also be able to access a lot of useful content such as my “LinkedIn Secrets” videos, sharing my unique strategies and ideas for getting the most out of LinkedIn.



Michael Surkan

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