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Author, journalist, speaker, grandmother of twelve, Diane Stringam Tolley announces the release of her second book, Kris Kringle's Magic; The Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend, officially to be

Kris Kringle's Magic

Kris Kringle's Magic

released on October 09, 2012, and on presale now at

"Kris Kringle is the round, jolly, elderly man that everyone knows," says Diane Stringam Tolley, author of Carving Angels. "The man who spends his life giving.  But have you ever wondered about the boy he was?  The young man?  The newlywed?"

"I love hearing about the things that went on while something was being created; a movie; a story; a work of art; a play.  The background is almost as exciting for me as the actual finished, well-known article." says Tolley.  "And that is what I write.  I take the stories that have been around since time immemorial and create a background for them.  For example:  Who made Santa's sleigh?  Someone must have done it!"

Kris Kringle's Magic also tells the story of the girl, Rebecca, who will one day become his wife.  And of the Elves, who figure so prominently in all North Pole stories.

"It is accepted that Kris Kringle lives at the North Pole.  With Elves," says Tolley, "But have you ever wondered how that happened?   It must have taken some world-changing, even traumatic event to force an entire race to take up lodgings at a place so utterly inhospitable and unwelcoming."

Kris Kringle's Magic is a story of prejudice.  Of hatred and fear and abuse.

And of true forgiveness and love.

And magic.

"You will never picture old Kris Kringle in the same light again," says Tolley.  "If you loved him before, you will love him even more now."

Mrs. Tolley is a former rancher and a full time mother, grandmother and journalist.  Raised by author parents on one of the last old ranches in Southern Alberta, her books reflect the values and sense of family that are so much a part of ranch life.  Her short stories may be read at

About Kris Kringle's Magic

Filled with messages of love, forbearance, humanity and courage, Kris Kringle's Magic is the perfect Christmas story for the whole family.  Using the dark themes of slavery and abuse, it proves that, with love and spiritual courage, one man can make a difference in the lives of thousands.  Let Kris Kringle's Magic change your world!

"When I speak, I share little tales of growing up on a ranch, Stories that are unremarkable; often silly; And all true.  My purpose in doing this is to ensure that these stories and those of the people present, are not forgotten.  All are important.  All should be recorded.  It doesn't matter if those listening think they can write; Or even if they can't tell the difference between "grammar'; or the elderly person who lives with Grandpa.  All have lived; all have stories; And these stories need to be recorded.

That is my mission.  That is what I want to promote." quoted from Diane Stringam Tolley.

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