Podcast Your Way to a Job

So you're looking for a job?  You have been sending out your resume' and going to interviews and have had no call-backs.  Have you ever wondered why that is?

Few people ever think that perhaps you should be interviewing them and asking all about them and their business and finding out what they need help with and why they are looking to fill the position you are applying for.  Tell them that you would like to help them and ask them what you can do to best serve their needs for their business.  This will absolutely turn the tables and suddenly, they will want you and be asking you more about how you can help them.  Suddenly you are not an imposition because they have to take precious time to be interviewing tons of prospective employees with no results.  What if you could shorten all this?

What if you could get to the key HR executives and let them talk all about what they need and are looking for in prospective employees without feeling that they have to be scrutinizing you as a potential employee?  What if you could befriend these HR executives and have them ask you to come for an interview?  They will be asking you to come for an interview, if you build a professional friendship with them.  By building a friendship, you will naturally have a positive relationship with them.

Professional relationships are the key to getting a great job.   We all want to work with people we know, respect and appreciate.  The people you build professional friendships with will want to keep you working with them, once you are hired.  There will be far less chance of  "being laid off". 

What better way to build these types of long-lasting relationships than by the use of podcasts.   

Learn why podcasting is the most effective tool there is to help you build the friendships you need with HR managers at companies you want to work for.

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