Podcasting your way to increased sales

Are your sales where you would like them to be?  

There is one particular key to increasing sales.  In my observations over multiple years of being involved in the Sales and Marketing business, I have found there is one thing all businesses have in common.  That one thing is the need to get and keep customers.  Now, why is it that every business struggles with this one simple challenge?

The traditional methods of securing customers who buy from you have all been geared toward "blasting" or overwhelming the marketplace with a multitude of media, such as newspaper ads, flyers, direct mailers, posters, signs, emails, faxes, phone calls, cold calls, newsletters, etc and etc.  Today, we have the added multi-media and new media.  All the sales numbers have been traditionally based on "mass blasting".  It has always been totally about the numbers...the numbers of people we get our message out to.  Yes, many customers have been secured from these types of marketing techniques, however, the marketplace, and customers are getting numbed to all this “blasting”, and anything emailed is usually deleted; anything mailed is "binned"; but who actually reaches out to the customer and asks what they want, or "how can I help you"?

Most of the traditional marketing techniques are very costly today.  Few businesses can afford to continue with them for any extended period of time, which is required in order for people to begin to trust you as a business.  The print media statistics say that a business needs to place an ad in the same paper/magazine 17 consecutive times before you begin to see results.  With the cost of advertising today, that can be well beyond most marketing budgets.  So, what is a business to do to actually increase sales.

There is a key ingredient that is missing from all the previous marketing techniques.  When a business finally realizes how to capture this final piece of the marketing puzzle, the sales will come to them without them having to spend much, if any, time or money.  That basic need for business to connect with their potential customer base or their target market is the need for building relationships.  Relationships are the key to sales.  

Marketing is the "bag of tools" we use to build those relationships.   It is how we use our "bag of tools" that determines the quality of the relationships we build.  We use marketing "tools" to get the word out to our target market in order to bring them together in a "face-to-face event/meeting.

Do you want to get away from pitching and cold calling?  The key to finding and keeping customers for life is finding ways to use the "tools" of marketing to help qualified customers want to call you.  –And if you want customers to contact you, you absolutely must provide an experience they will always want to remember.

Enter, podcasting.  Experience a podcast with someone and you will want to be their friend for life.  Podcasting is the most effective tool there is to help you build the relationships you need with qualified customers.  Once your potential customers have experienced the “gift of a podcast”, they will be your friend for life!

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