The new age of direct marketing: highly targeted social media e-mail campaigns

Social media makes it possible to breathe new life into the concept of direct marketing.  In the old world of  SPAM, marketers would send thousands (or millions) of messages blindly to people who may not be remotely interested in the products, and to e-mail addresses which may not even exist.  By contrast, social media networks allow us to identify individuals who are members of highly specific interest groups and then send direct messages via the social media network to those people.

Over the last 3 years we have fine-tuned this completely novel, and extremely effective, method of highly targeted direct marketing via social networks.  We have helped 4 companies achieve a better than 5% conversion rate to quality leads from their e-mails. Our methods of creating messages, and strategies, to engage the potential customers we send messages to greatly increases the response rates.  It also helps that we are ONLY sending messages to people who we KNOW are directly involved in the fields and industries we are targeting.

Our specialty is high value B2B products or services.  We are experts in working with, and even creating, B2B communities.  With our techniques we are able to target the right people in the industries and fields we want to sell.

This targeted social media direct mail strategy only makes sense for B2B products or services. The B2B social networks we work with do not cater to consumer interests or fan groups.  The relatively high costs of this direct marketing strategy also make this ineffective for low-priced products.  We focus on building direct mail strategies for B2B products with an annual value in excess of $5000 per customer. When your product is generating $5000 in sales for a single customer, paying $500 in marketing costs is well worth it.

Better still, this direct mailing strategy is highly measurable. You will know very quickly if it is working or not.  Our customers know within one week of starting a marketing campaign whether it is working.  If there aren’t any new sales coming directly from direct mailings you can always cancel in a heartbeat.  But if you do see increased sales, why ever stop?

Only for the Select Few

The direct marketing techniques we use work well for some businesses but will not translate well into others.  In particular, we have honed methods of reaching out to business people for high value B2B products and services.  If you have a product you wish to sell to businesses, you could be a candidate for our services.

We need to asses each potential client before working with them to determine if they are good candidates for our marketing strategies.  Amongst other things, we need to ensure that the appropriate industry or subject related social networks are available for us to target our marketing efforts on.  If you are selling marine diesel engines, we need to determine if there are social networking communities of individuals involved with shipping.  Happily, the breadth of business oriented social network communities is truly astonishing, and it is growing every day.

It is also important for us to select clients who have the ability to significantly ramp up their business to handle the business we bring them.  The costs involved in setting up one of our marketing campaigns just don’t make sense for a small business which can only handle 5 or 10 customers.

We are a boutique marketing business that only handles a small number of clients.  It is not in anyone’s interests that these innovative marketing strategies lose their efficacy from overuse.  We also need to ensure that there is no overlap between our clients to avoid pitching similar products to the same communities.

Our vetting process ensures that our customers will have a high chance of success in significantly growing their businesses.


Our social media marketing techniques are highly effective for B2B products and services and the quality of the leads we generate are significantly better than anything you can find elsewhere.  The costs of such a marketing campaign only make sense for companies with B2B products or services that are of high value.

  • $1997 for the up-front campaign startup cost.
  • $0.40 per message sent, in lots of 1000.
  • $500 for each lead that is generated.

We do not work on a commission basis.

Just e-mail us if you would like to learn more about how our social media direct marketing strategy can work for your business.

Michael Surkan

Ttinagi, Inc.

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