What gives you the right to play small? Coach Paul Sahota – CPC, Professional Speaker

​"​​When you want to be more committed, powerful and compassionate with life, you need to experience how you can live your dreams."​

Paul is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), mentor and a powerful speaker with over 18 years in coaching and personal development.Paul Sahota

Paul Sahota is a committed, powerful, compassionate leader with a life devoted to inspiring others to reach their goals and live their dreams! His actions speak louder than words ever will.

Paul worked with Bob Proctor (The Secret) in Bob’s youth mentoring program, as well as attending and promoting Bob’s "Science of Getting Rich" Seminar, and has consistently continued his personal development journey since 1996 working with one of the oldest foundational personal development companies that link back to Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and Andrew Carnegie … thanks to Bob’s recommendation.

After almost 18 years of work, Paul has developed his coaching to a whole new level. He is announcing his new 26 week course designed to help us live in our strengths. It is called "Transformational Steps". We have all taken workshops and courses to help us become better in some way, but Paul helps us transform our lives to become the success we dream of.

Paul has coached and mentored many people to build successful businesses and create better balance, peace and liberty in their personal lives.

"To reach your goals and live your dreams, what Paul Sahota teaches is the key."

Meet Paul:

Meet Paul:

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