What happens when you work with the Winton Team? Donald Ross – Sales and Marketing Manager

Donald's high motivation and results driven Sales and Marketing Professionalism in the alcoholic beverage industry for many years, has given him the insight and wisdom needed to help his business stay on the leading edge of the marketplace. He is tenacious and determined to meet objectives through creative program development, sales team leadership and motivation. Donald accomplishes this through his collaborative style.

Leadership and Sales Management positions have helped Donald develop into a polished sales manager who develops sales teams through evaluation, training, detailed account planning and accountability for results. He mentors the sales team and inspires continuous improvement and sharing of best practices contiguous with performance measurement against clearly defined targets and Donald Rossstandards.

Donald brings to his marketing programs superior analytical skills combined with experience in developing detailed sales and marketing plans complimented by a creative flair in marketing program development.

A balanced determination to succeed resulted from his tenacious personality combined with a high ethical business standard, complimented by strong negotiation techniques. Donald is determined to be successful in his field using the highest of integrity and business ethics.

A Winton Packaged Home goes up faster than traditional construction.

  • Walls and roofs are prebuilt.
  • Precision engineered with laser technology.
  • Designed for rapid assembly on a building site.
  • Trucks are loaded in the reverse order of assembly.
  • This is the building system everyone will use in the future.

Ultimately, prefabricated homes are not only better built, they save money and create less waste!  Greener.

Over the past 30 years, the designers at Winton Homes have created thousands of prefabricated home plans to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.WintonHomes Logo

  • Complete custom design.
  • Move a door, add a window.
  • Customize your kitchen and living space.
  • YOU decide what you want.

Bring your vision to our design team and we'll help you create the perfect plan from the ground up.

Meet Donald Ross and his team at or call 1.888.296.8059

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